What every garage needs


Sunday was usually the day I reserved for car efforts when I was a working-stiff. It was also the worst day of the week to be doing so when Sunday shopping was barely a thing. So, before venturing out into the garage I was always certain to have the following on hand. After all, failure wasn’t an option if I wanted to keep my sanity.

1. Rags including micro fibre and Scott’s blue shop paper towels.
2. Nytril gloves.
3. Penetrating fluid.
4. Brake Cleaning spray.
5. Cable ties.
6. Fully charged portable lighting.
7. A variety of 12 volt wire and connectors.
8. Anti-seize compound.
9. A Haynes or complete shop manual.
10. Assorted metric nuts and bolts.
11. A battery charger.

I imagine there are plenty of must-haves but this would get me through a Sunday’s worth of wrenching without too much hair pulling. Did I miss anything?

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