Tribute to Judy Brunner

Judy Brunner was a significant and very respected participant in the late 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s in a 1966 MK I Lotus Cortina. Judy very ably demonstrated that women could be just as competitive as men in slaloms and was a major encouragement to other ladies to get involved.

Judy achieved the following Slalom/Solo II awards:

St. LAC Club Over-all Champion
CASC-OR Ladies Over-all Champion
CASC-OR Men’s Class Champion
CASC-National Ladies Over-all Champion
CASC-National Men’s Class Champion
SCCA-Central New York Region (Syracuse) Men’s Class Champion
SCCA-North East Divisional Ladies Class Champion

For more results visit Solo

Due to a job transfer to the Toronto area, we curtailed our Solo activities in the mid-80’s but were planning to renew competition upon our return to Kingston. While in Toronto, Judy, who had been an accomplished amateur actress and dancer in Kingston, began a professional acting career and appeared in numerous TV shows, Movies, Still Advertisements and TV commercials.

Unfortunately, she began experiencing severe lung problems (pulmonary fibrosis) and passed away while waiting for a Lung Transplant in March of 1998 at the age of 57.

Besides enjoying the event today, we encourage you to be aware of the Organ Donor Program and consider participating so that in the unfortunate situation that something happens to you, you could save other lives.


Eric and Rob Brunner

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