The St Lawrence Automobile Club


Welcome to the website of the St. Lawrence Automobile Club or as it is better known:  StLAC, (pronounced “Saint Lack”).  The Club calls Kingston, Ontario, Canada home and is the motor sport group to join for any enthusiasts in South Eastern Ontario.

Why Join St LAC?

  • It’s a social thing!  Whether it’s at a regular meeting or some other event you’ll meet fellow car nuts who are more than happy to share stories and more.
  • Want to try your hand at racing? We’re more than happy to help and who knows — we might even be able let you try a fully-kitted car.
  • Not sure how to install your new Flux Capacitor?  We might just be able to help with that too.

Find out more at What We Do

Ha, ha, ha!!! You’re doing what, when? Motorsport/track/race events within 300 miles of Kingston

3Fr-5Su Doublin Gap MX Park Doublin Gap MX Park
3Fr-5Su Race Services, Inc. Watkins Glen International
4Sa SCCA – New England Region – Solo Devens Airfield
4Sa SCCA – National – The Starting Line Devens Airfield
4Sa SCCA – Susquehanna Region Harrisburg Farm Show Elmerton Lot
5Su SCCA – New England Region – Solo Devens Airfield
5Su SCCA – Susquehanna Region Harrisburg Farm Show Elmerton Lot
9Th-10Fr SCCA – New England Region – Club Racing Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
10Fr PCA Jacob Javits Convention Center
10Fr NASA – Northeast Region Lime Rock Park (Main Track)
11Sa Doublin Gap MX Park Doublin Gap MX Park
12Su SCCA – Northern New Jersey Region – Solo MetLife Stadium
15We-16Th PCA – Northern New Jersey – Drivers Education Lime Rock Park
18Sa BMW CCA – White Mountain Chapter New Hampshire Motor Speedway
18Sa MAX BMW Motorsports Lime Rock Park
18Sa-19Su MassTuning Canaan Motor Club
18Sa-19Su SCCA – Northeastern Penna Region – Solo Lycoming Mall
19Su FCSCC FCSCC North Lot
19Su BMW CCA – Trillium Thornhill Community Centre
24Fr BMW CCA – White Mountain Chapter New Hampshire Motor Speedway
25Sa Mid-Atlantic TRSS Volunteers Oxford Valley Mall
26Su SCCA – Finger Lakes Region – Solo Xerox Webster
26Su SCCA – New England Region – Solo Devens Airfield
26Su SCCA – Philadelphia Region Warminster Community Park
28Tu Infinite Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

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Updated – Now hear this: Circuit Mount Tremblant looses class action suit concerning noise levels

Class action victory for citizens vs. Circuit Mont-Tremblant

March 31, 2020

©Tremblant Express

The members of the class action suit against Circuit Mont-Tremblant win a victory in Quebec’s Superior Court. Here’s an English version of the report.

“We won! Not on every aspect, but on the essential ones, and in a thorough and balanced decision that will be very hard to contest on appeal,” reports law firm Trudel Johnston & Lespérance (TJL).

TJL continues its report as follows.

– The racetrack is a nuisance as concerns the “special activities” and “test days” (i.e. activities to which no noise limit applies pursuant to the municipal by-law) that generate noise louder than 55 decibels (with a 3 decibel tolerance) – in other words, all of these activities.

According to the criteria set by Justice Mainville, approximately 300 residences are exposed to these noise levels – assuming two persons on average per residence, this represents potentially 600 residents who will be compensated.

– The amount of compensation varies depending on the moment at which a resident arrived, to take into account their prior knowledge of the noise issue:

  1. i) $750 / person / year if the person arrived before August 1964;
  2. ii) $675 / person / year if the person arrived after August 1964 but before July 2001;

iii) $300 / person / year if the person arrived between July 2001 and December 2006; and iv) $150 / person/ year if the person arrived after December 2006 – with interest in all cases.

According to our preliminary calculations, the value of the award could reach $3 million, without counting interest.

What hurts the racetrack most is obviously the finding that “special activities” and “test days” constitute a nuisance.  We will thus probably be able to obtain an injunction, i.e. Court-ordered measures to end the nuisances related to these activities, if they continue.

We may also potentially be able to use the 55-decibel threshold to request an injunction regarding the “ordinary” (i.e. cars with mufflers) activities that create noise surpassing this threshold.

We feel the decision is balanced and will hold up on the appeal that will surely come from the racetrack. After a more detailed analysis of the decision we will be happy to answer your questions individually.

We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and in good spirits, and hope that reading this historic decision will help you pass the time.

Here is a hyperlink that will allow you to access the decision rendered on March 24 by Justice Mainville of Quebec’s superior court:  Tremblant Jugement.

Today is was announced that Mt Tremblant will appeal this decision.

CTMP (Mosport) co-vid update

Official release:


Hello, race fans.

It has been an unbelievable few weeks as we all feel the impact of the COVID-19 virus as it challenges our everyday way of life.
To update you on our 2020 schedule here at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, we are currently in a holding pattern due to the Coronavirus. However, we are staying in touch with local health officials and the various sanctioning bodies as we remain optimistic that at some point, we will be able to begin our 2020 season throughout our facility. Our staff is currently working remotely and will be able to respond via email to your needs and requests.

Lockdown Film Shows: The Best Motorsport Documentaries, Parts One & Two

From the intrepid searching efforts from your intrepid reporter, Danby Crowder, comes this gem:  you’ll find below either links to, or details of where to find, some of the very best documentaries on our sport that are available to watch online.  Many of which are free.  🙂

More info… More info…

Thanks to Dave for the suggestion of some Goodwood goodies!

Street racing is running rampant on Toronto’s COVID-19-emptied highways

By Alex Reid

We may have just found something worthy of the Darwin Awards

With COVID-19 keeping everybody inside, some people were bound to go so stir-crazy they would do something stupid. And now, they have — street racing on Toronto’s empty highways, apparently.

Some 18, uh, “enthusiasts” lost their driving privileges and had their vehicles impounded for seven days over the weekend when they were caught street racing on the provincial capital’s desolate streets, according to Narcity.

Another group of opportunist individuals were caught traveling at speeds up to 171 kilometres per hour.

While it’s easy to look at this situation and think the impetus for racing is the streets being empty, it’s important to look at the bigger picture here. There has always been racing on the streets of Toronto, but the police have always had more important problems to deal with. Now, with fewer people around to commit crimes, the street-racing crowd that continues to race up and down the DVP is a lot easier to catch.

Evidence this problem is bigger than COVID-19 can be found in the recent installation of 50 new speed cameras on Toronto streets.

The lesson remains the same, though: don’t street race, or you’ll get your vehicle taken away, or lose your licence, or both.

In New Zealand street racers can have their cars confiscated and destroyed.

‘Duh, I know my car’s in there somewhere.’

Self-isolation fun: virtual car show ‘n’ tells

From our intrepid reporter John Burnet, Brack Driving Concepts

With this virus thing going around, most are limiting outings and are longing for something car-based to do. So, let’s try an online car show. Thursday evenings, just after supper, I’ve set up a call. Join from your computer, tablet, or phone – there is an app to download, we use it often for the club. If this is of interest, save this invite in your calendar and reply letting us know you are interested. Not interested, you can stop reading now.

The meeting starts at 7 PM EST, each Thursday. We’ll reserve the first 15 or 20 minutes to help new users. We’ll walk you through set up and how to listen/watch and participate. Real meeting will start at 7:30 PM.

Some guidelines, so we can all have a great experience (and new users, we’ll help you understand the controls for these things).
Make sure your microphone and speakers are working properly, and video camera if you wish. Continue reading