Volunteers Urgently Needed for Regional Autoslalom

Here is a table of what and when we need help with.  I’ve omitted the details to make the table fit.  If you have questions or wish to sign up send an email to st.lac.club@gmail.com


Friday 6:00 PM Track Access Car Crew (CC) B.Lynas
7:00 AM Set up portables Carr Septic
8:00 PM Set up course Car Crew
Security Charles Flint
Saturday 7:00 AM Direct Entrants St. LAC volunteers
7:30 AM Registration St. LAC volunteers R. Curtis
Entry Fees St. LAC volunteers R. Curtis
Verification St. LAC volunteers
Timing CASC-OR
Marshalls Stations St.LAC volunteers & CC
Scrutineering CASC-OR
09:30 List of Entrants CASC-OR Timing
Drivers Mtg St.LAC volunteers & CC
10:00 Food Truck   ?????
10:15 Marshalls Stations Car Crew
First Car Away (all)
Results St. LAC Volunteers
Waivers St. LAC Volunteers
4:00 PM
End of Runs?? St. LAC Volunteers & CASC
5:00 PM
Sunday Reset Course Car Crew
Security Charles Flint
7:30 AM
Directors St. LAC Volunteers
Registation St. LAC Volunteers J. Kinahan
Event Run (all)
4:00 PM
End of Runs Marshalls
St.LAC Volunteers & CC
5:00 PM
Final Rack-UP St. LAC Volunteers & CASC
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