ST LAC presents ST LAP III (with correction) for 2022

Update:  25 passes have been sold so far.
Dates:  May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th, August 25th and Sept 8th.  Start time:  5:45-8:45 PM (this is in accordance with SMP’s wishes).
Where:  Long track.  Shannonville Motorsport Park
Price:  $280.00 for the season.  Only season passes will be sold (fyi — this works out to $56 per night).  Additionally,  a membership with St LAC is required.  Passes are transferable so can be used by friends and family in your absence.
The Fine Print:  The pass can only be used by one driver per car per evening; however,  as in previous years we’ll accommodate a second driver in the same car for the addition of the nightly fee and a club membership (family members are $5).

Errata:  The club also purchased several new loner helmets last year to accommodate those who forgot theirs.

Payments:  eTransfer to If you wish to pay in cash or by cheque please notify me and we can make that happen. Please note the club has closed its UPS postal box as we are now receiving most of our payments electronically so please don’t mail your payment to the old address if you have it on file.  It’s very important to confirm via email that you’ve submitted your payment by emailing the club or to my gmail at
Run Groups:  Indicate what type of vehicle you are most likely to run.  Street car groups are set at a maximum of 20 cars per session for a total of 40 and 15 race car slots for a total of 55 passes up for grabs. pretty much what we had last year give or take a few spots…Remember if you have not renewed your club membership to go to the website and do so before purchasing your lapping pass.
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