Shannonville seeks volunteers

Shannonville Motorsport Park is hosting a regional race weekend on June 4-5th and has reached out to the club to see if there would be any volunteer interest to help run the races over the course of the weekend. If you have ever wondered how to become a marshal at the F1 Grand Prix in Montreal this is the first step. SMP has asked for help with organizing the mock grid (where the cars are staged before they enter the track), oversight of the pit lane and the podium and a runner for timing as well as driving the pace car . There will be mentorship in each of these roles and it’s a great opportunity for couples to bring their partners to help out with running the race weekend.

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May club news

Monday, May 9th, 2022

Hello St Lac Members, We are only 17 days away from our first evening of lapping day at Shannonville. So looking forward to seeing all the pass holders soon If you have not done so already please complete the 3 step speedwaiver at the following link for the May 26th event:

In addition you will find the remaining speed waiver links below for the  St Lap III events, as well as the waiver to our full lapping day on Wednesday July 13th.  The links will also be posted in the St Lac calendar on the homepage at  Several of you have mentioned you do not own a smartphone but don’t worry as we can use a 3rd party’s phone to sign the waiver and will do so accordingly at registration.  Please try and arrive as early as possible as we will have registration open at 4:30 for the first outing as the new waiver will undoubtedly add some delays to the queue.
For the racers participating in St Lap III we still have two more spaces available for the lapping passes, otherwise we are a full house for the evening sessions for the two road car groups.
Getting Techee With It
As previously mentioned John Kinnear will be hosting an annual tech session starting at 3:00 on the 26th and we’ll be in the Fabi paddock as in previous years.  Racers who are  not running the evening session can still come out for your annual tech inspection as it’s a coup having John do this prior to any upcoming  regional race weekends.
Alan Pawling Memorial Lapping Day
In contrast to our sold out evening sessions we are sucking air so far for attendees for the club’s midweek lapping day in July on the 13th as we have only two registrants so far. Here is the link for the event:  The speedwaiver is included in the listing.
However I’m confident with all of your help and networking we can get the enrolment headed upwards and we have two months to spread the word.    Break even is 34 cars so please take the time to speak to your friends and fellow gearheads as this club lapping day, in memory of Allan Pawling, offers the best value on track that I am aware of in the region.  In comparison SMP was charging $300 for a single day of sessions for their recent Spring Fling Event while our member fee for even more track time  is $145.00 (that’s $200 for non-members which includes a membership).  All the racers out there please note that this is a great opportunity to prepare for the BARC event at CTMP later in July.
CRX workshop
Lastly, i will be hosting a CRX workshop next Sunday between 10-2:00 (15th) to get the restoration of Allan’s former car back on track for use by members in july so if you are interested in joining in some knuckle busting fun please email me back at to come and help out-
We are living in strange times, all the political turmoil aside, as by 2026 all new vehicles produced in the EU will be speed limited to 120kph and our US neighbours have decided by 2024 to legislate kill switches in all new vehicles to boot.. I struggle with my gas burning obsession on a regular basis but it won’t surprise me if our passion for driving on closed circuits  is taxed heavily and clubs like ours are one of the few places ICE vehicles will be allowed to come out and play.  So let’s all enjoy it while we can.
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Getting techee with it

Tech Inspections
Note to all the club racers John Kinnear has graciously allotted time prior to the lapping night on May 26th to complete your annual tech inspections- Anyone who has waited in line at CTMP knows the value of this benefit to being a club member.  So a huge collective thank you to John.  Tech inspections will start at 3:00 on the FABi paddock so please don’t arrive at 4:45 and expect  to be scrutinized as John will be running his own MGB that evening and will need time to prepare his own car.
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How to join St LAC or renew your membership in 2022

The original CASC logo-template created by St LAC’s very own Jack Luck.

Joining St LAC has never been easier and once again, we ask all members — new and returning — to join through the CASC portal. This will require that you ‘join’ the site and then login.  If this is a problem you can drop us a line at
(And don’t worry if it’s a problem for you.  Your secret will be safe with us.  Maybe.)

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Volunteers needed for the Vintage Grand Prix at CTMP

This year’s Vintage Grand Prix on June 16th through 19th weekend is shaping up to be one of the biggest and best ever. To make that happen we need volunteers to help out at various times during the event. In return we can offer you free entry for the event, some Vintage Grand Prix swag, entry to the Friday night banquet and the Saturday night Paddock Crawl.
Our greatest needs are Wednesday evening, and during the daytime on Thursday and Friday, along with some help on Saturday and Sunday. Any time you, or someone you know, can offer whether it be for hours, or a day or more, is greatly appreciated.
Please contact David Sim, VARAC Secretary, at 647-608-5870 or
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Spring Update- St Lap III sold out, electronic waivers are here, lapping day link for MSReg registration

Dear Members:

Speed Waiver
The big news this last week is that all the CASC affiliated events are now moving to an electronic waiver.  The Speed Waiver, as you would probably imagine, is event specific.  For ST LAP III the waiver can be found here:  Our understanding is the process is pretty simple-1) log on with your details, 2) sign the waiver by using your finger to write on your phone and 3) take a selfie. This speedpass waiver will in fact be very efficient once it’s up and running and should be an annual one so it should streamline our registration , but like all new things will create some initial confusion.
The Speed Waiver for the Alan Pawling event can be accessed through the event posting at MSReg.

With spring weather around the corner many of us are dusting off our cars to realize that our first lapping evening is only weeks away.  I don’t know about the rest of you but the weeks are flying past in our household. It’s a little surreal.  So I am trying to get my $hit together so I can enjoy more than 3 laps this year in the ‘vette.  It appears that I am not alone as the lapping passes are nearly all spoken for.   We have 4  racer  spots left and a half dozen street ones remaining so if you have been procrastinating it’s time to  renew your membership here: And make your $280.00 payment to for the pass.

In theory we can put 24 cars out per stint on the long track but of course this leads to a very crowded session which inevitably diminishes the whole purpose of lapping as we dont want to be running a clump and bunch event series. There is merit in keeping things clean and simple and that remains the club’s goal- sounds a bit exclusive , I know, but heck that’s part of our charm. We are currently sitting at approximately 30 street cars and 12 race cars which leaves us with some space at each event as we never want to turn people away from joining us on track but as you can see we are close to our cut off – ideally we don’t want to exceed 20 cars per session. If the weather is good we tend to get a full house go figure…

Alan Pawling Memorial Lapping Day 2022
Registration is open on for the club lapping day on July 13th ( find the link here: so please spread the word.





Cheers DC

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ST LAC presents ST LAP III (with correction) for 2022

Update:  25 passes have been sold so far.
Dates:  May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th, August 25th and Sept 8th.  Start time:  5:45-8:45 PM (this is in accordance with SMP’s wishes).
Where:  Long track.  Shannonville Motorsport Park
Price:  $280.00 for the season.  Only season passes will be sold (fyi — this works out to $56 per night).  Additionally,  a membership with St LAC is required.  Passes are transferable so can be used by friends and family in your absence.
The Fine Print:  The pass can only be used by one driver per car per evening; however,  as in previous years we’ll accommodate a second driver in the same car for the addition of the nightly fee and a club membership (family members are $5).

Errata:  The club also purchased several new loner helmets last year to accommodate those who forgot theirs.

Payments:  eTransfer to If you wish to pay in cash or by cheque please notify me and we can make that happen. Please note the club has closed its UPS postal box as we are now receiving most of our payments electronically so please don’t mail your payment to the old address if you have it on file.  It’s very important to confirm via email that you’ve submitted your payment by emailing the club or to my gmail at
Run Groups:  Indicate what type of vehicle you are most likely to run.  Street car groups are set at a maximum of 20 cars per session for a total of 40 and 15 race car slots for a total of 55 passes up for grabs. pretty much what we had last year give or take a few spots…Remember if you have not renewed your club membership to go to the website and do so before purchasing your lapping pass.
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