Team Canada Scholarship says ‘thank you’ ST LAC

Team Canada is extremely proud and honoured to have amazing support from our sponsors back home. Getting us here is a lot of work behind the scenes and we couldn’t do it without the sponsors we have on board this year!
A big thank you goes to ST LAC
We aim to make you proud!
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We’re wingin’ it again

Hi Everybody. a couple of quick updates. As the subject line reads please note that our second fall/winter wing night is happening this Thursday the 24th in the rear room of the Oarsman in Kingston township from 6 to 9pm. We had a great turn out last month so I’m hoping for a repeat again this week.

I was hoping to have the club’s annual survey out this past weekend but the unexpected snowfall put a damper on my office time as I scrambled around the place to combat mother nature. It will be out soon. The questions are written and it’s just the final survey format that is required to be completed. I hope like last year we beat the average response to this type of questionnaire as the feedback is very helpful towards how we steer the club in 2023.

That’s it for now, stay warm and dry . I for one am thankful we got off lightly compared to our southern neighbours. All the best DC


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Is it Back to the Future all over again for Deloreans?

Kat DeLorean, daughter of legendary automotive engineer John DeLorean is following in her father’s footsteps by building a new sports car. This historic endeavor will be filled with some of the top automotive minds in the industry, alongside a portion of the original team that helped create the first iconic DeLorean more than 40 years ago. The car will be named the Model-JZD in honor of John Zachary DeLorean. With DeLorean DNA, there is one place to build the car, the Motor City. DeLorean Next Generation Motors will begin assembly of the Model-JZD in Detroit, Michigan in January of 2023, with an expected unveiling by the end of the year.

Kat was integral on countless engineering projects with her father, including the next cutting edge sports car before his unexpected passing in 2005. Her engineering background, and direct involvement, make Kat the perfect successor to finish where John DeLorean left off. Kat is putting her father’s final business plan to work creating a car company based on the principles John DeLorean believed in such as quality, safety, longevity, and affordability.

Kat begins the journey of rebuilding the DeLorean name and brand into the ethical company her father always wanted it to be. This is a new kind of mobility company the industry has never seen before, one that focuses on people and gives back to society. Besides just building cars and creating jobs, Kat plans to introduce an exciting new engineering program to public high schools that will provide a direct pathway to apprenticeships and engineering programs at major universities. She also plans to partner with other manufacturing companies to help meet some of the challenges faced by the automotive industry today.

source:  Hagerty News, 10/28/22

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Club news October 26, 2022

Alan Pawling Celebration of Life
John Pawling’s has invited club members to come and celebrate Alan’s life and St Lac legacy on the 5th of November at the RCAF Hall at Norman Rogers airport. I have attached the invitation with the timing and details below.




Club Social
I also want to thank all of you that showed up last Thursday for our club wing night as I didn’t get a chance to say hello to all of you in person. It was a well attended evening out and I received several emails and comments saying how much individuals had enjoyed the evening out.. A shout out to Yoma and Victoria for coming all the way from Toronto , on a dark raining evening, to join us .

Behind the scenes
We are working on a variety of plans for next season which are highlighted by our investigation into running a CASC race weekend. This is no small endeavour and the club really needs the commitment of 20-25 individuals to run the race weekend. Based on our turn-out last week I strongly believe that we can do so. We’ll be sending out our club survey in November and polling you all to ask for your help. So I hope the passion for racing is a s strong as our members’ passion for chicken wings .

Hundai update
Lastly, I am able to report that a certain blue Hyundai hatchback is about to receive it’s new windshield and will be back on track next season despite its topsy-turvy history. 
That’s it for now – wishing you all well.



Alan Pawling Celebration of Life

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Take your helmet to work day


Don’t forget, our annual Wear Your Helmet to Work Day Presented by HMS Motorsport, the event that lets you show everyone just how much you love racing, is THIS FRIDAY!

So, wear your helmet to work on Friday, take a selfie (or have someone else take a staged photo — we’re not picky), post it with #HelmetDay and tag the Grassroots Motorsports magazine official account.  If chosen by our staff, your picture could win you a brand-new Schuberth SP1 helmet worth $1949. Not bad for a day at the office!


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Happy Thanksgiving ST LAC members

With fall upon us we are very pleased to announce our first social event of the season set for the 20th of October at the Loyal Oarsman, in Kingston township, from 6-9pm. In addition to this date please mark in your calendars the 24th of November and the 26th of Jan as these Wing Nights will be a monthly get together until the spring – but, naturally, skipping December’s holidays.

Please come and join to celebrate Pat Cyr’s class victory in the GT2 category with a total of 281 points, along with all the other accomplishments this year by our members. Appy’s are on the house so you have no excuse but to come out and enjoy the Oarsman’s renowned wings along with a pint or two.

In other news your executive is putting together our annual fall survey which we hope to have out in mid November in order to poll your thoughts, and we look forward to any new and fresh ideas for 2023. I can confirm we are working towards a club Karting event in the spring at Mosport so that’s the type of new activity we are aiming for .


Looking forward to seeing many of you in two weeks time for some sociability- we have the back room space booked so please feel free to bring your friends and family too if they give you a hard time for deeking out to talk about cars. best regards

– DC

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