Cambridge ON native Logan Pacza: ST LAC beneficiary

Hello Mr. Crowder,

My name is Logan Pacza, I was one of two drivers racing for the Team Canada Scholarship in 2023 at the Walter Hayes Trophy and Formula Ford Festival.

Often times, at large events that demand full attention, we seldom have time to think about those who got us there.  After an amazing three weeks, I realized how much went into the Team Canada project.  Which is why I would like to thank you sincerely for all your support and providing me with this opportunity, to describe it as transformative would barely scratch the surface.



Our second sponsored driver, Logan has had quite the memorable season.

SMP Cup (June, 2023)
Practice-1st | Qualifying-1st | Race 1-1st | Warm-up-1st | Race 2-2nd | Race 3-1st

VARAC Vintage Grand Prix (June, 2023)
Practice 1-1st | Practice 2-1st | Qualifying-1st | Race 1-1st | Race 2-1st | Race 3-1st

BARC Canadian Touring Trophy Races (July, 2023)
Practice-3rd | Qualifying-1st | Race 1-1st | Warm-up-1st | Race 2-20th | Race 3-1st

OSSC Calabogie Summer Classic (August, 2023)
Practice-1st | Qualifying-1st | Race 1-1st | Race 2-1st | Race 3-1st

CTMP Pinty’s Labour Day Weekend (September, 2023)
Practice-1st | Qualifying-1st | Race 1-1st | Race 2-2nd | Race 3-1st

BEMC Late Summer Trophy Races (September, 2023)
Practice | Qualifying | Race 1 | Race 2 | Race 3 — DNS

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Ferrari: the movie

Set in the summer of 1957, with Enzo Ferrari’s auto empire in crisis, the ex-racer turned entrepreneur pushes himself and his drivers to the edge as they launch into the Mille Miglia, a treacherous 1,000-mile race across Italy.


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Alex Berg: a letter from the field

We’ve received a thank you from Alex Berg, one of the Team Canada rookies that we helped sponsor with an $850.00 donation, from Chris’s efforts with the race medicals.

Hello Mr. Crowder,
My name is Alex Berg, I am from Calgary, Canada. As you might know, I was one of the drivers for Team Canada Scholarship this year. I got your email from Kelly Neilson.
I just wanted to write you a note to say thank you for the support you provided to Team Canada. To be selected for TCS was not only a life changing opportunity, but an amazing experience.  On a personal level, I really appreciate your support of TCS, without your generosity none of this would have happened.
The two races went well for me. At the Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch, I finished P12, with mixed, wet / dry conditions. I have never raced a Formula Ford before, so it was all a learning experience. Brands Hatch was a dream track of mine, and to get to race on it was an amazing experience, same can be said about Silverstone.
At Silverstone, after having a weekend to learn the car and its characteristics, I felt much more confident behind the wheel. The results showed as well.
Oddly enough, I did not get any dry running on all the test days. It was always wet. So, when dry conditions eventually came around on Saturday and Sunday, I had to adapt quick. Regardless, I had pace during the heats and into the final.
I started the final in P12, and quickly advanced to P7, and was battling with the front pack. Unfortunately, a red flag came out and the race was stopped. During a red flag, a leak in my cooling system showed itself, and coolant started coming out of my radiator, creating steam. The team had to push me behind the wall, but eventually repaired the radiator. I was sent back out to make the restart from the pits, but a few laps later, I was black-flagged for working on the car during the red flag. This was a miscommunication between the race officials to the team. No one at the team was responsible for this. That is just how racing goes sometimes.
Although I was not able to show the results we deserved, everyone saw the pace we had.
I can confidently say that I have matured, and have become a much better racing driver after this trip. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your support. It has been a dream of mine to represent Canada, and because of your support, that dream came true. So, thank you.
If there is anything I can do to assist you, please feel free to reach out.
Thank you.


Alex Berg

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2023 CASC – OR Annual Report

 Last Sunday we held a number of meetings for CASC-OR, including for Ice Racing, the Race Workshop, and the Annual Members’ Meeting. Here are some highlights:

Terms were up for Brad Shimbashi, VP, Ray Arlauskas Race Director, Robin Buck Karting Director, and Steven Day Autoslalom Director. I want to thank each of them for the time and effort they put into the Board over the past few years. It was greatly appreciated.

Anne McCallum offered to serve another term as CASC-OR Treasurer – thanks Anne!

And “new” to the Board we have Pat Cyr as the Race Director and Scott Fletcher as Karting Director. Please join me in welcoming them into their new positions. Both are eager to “get things done”…

Directors’ Reports

All of the CASC-OR Directors wrote summaries of their activities in 2023 and these reports have been posted as news items on the CASC-OR website. Please take the time to review what they had to say.

If you are curious as to the agenda items and what was covered at the AMM, please check out the DELEGATES PACKAGE that was sent to club presidents before the meeting, or the PowerPoint presentation we used at the meeting.

Race Workshop

For those of you that couldn’t attend, here’s the Presentation.

We’ve also posted a schedule of IMPORTANT dates for 2024..

Or you can download the 2024 Schedule.

Ice Racing:

Some VERY important news:

  • Spec Tire for Street Studs in 2024: Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 10
  • Six races scheduled – 2024 Race Schedule
  1. BEMC January 20/21
  2. BARC January 27/28
  3. PMSC February 3/4
  4. TLMC February 10/11
  5. TAC February 17/18
  6. DAC February 24/25
  • Pre-Season Tech Inspections – January 13/14
  • Rain Date March 2/3 if required.
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CASC-ON General Meeting

This past Sunday was the Annual Members Meeting (AMM) in Toronto. St. LAC well was well represented with 7 members in attendance for the Race Workshop in the morning, with most staying for the formal AMM in the afternoon.

Race Workshop:

Snell 2010 helmets expire at the end of THIS year. Helmets will be inspected during race weekends next year to ensure everyone is up-to-date.

The scrutineers are looking into having pre-season tech inspections either at individuals homes (for a cost) or at various central locations. Detail will come out as a plan develops.

Race weekend dates for road racing, time attack, and ice-racing have been set and posted* (*though I have been unable to find them online).


Please join me in congratulating:

  • Mark Busscher for his 2nd place overall finish in the GT1 class.
  • Pat Cyr for his 3rd place overall finish in the GT2 class.


There was an insufficient number of clubs represented to meet quorum. I expect the decision will be to adopt the meeting as official with concurrence of the majority of the clubs, but this is speculation.

In general little has changed with respect to the way CASC-OR is structured or run, except…

Our very own Pat Cyr was nominated and confirmed to the position of Race Director. I’d like everyone to be supportive of Pat in this new role, and for the racers in our group I know that Pat will be reaching out to get your input as he has some ideas on how to improve the sport.

In other news we have started on this years Survey and will hopefully get it out to everyone in the next week or so.


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ICYMI: The Isle of Man TT. The world’s most dangerous motorcycle race.

ICYMI: The Isle of Man TT. The world’s most dangerous motorcycle race.  Sixty (60) Minutes recently featured this event in one of its segments.  Yikes!

By Fry1989 eh? – This vector image includes elements that have been taken or adapted from this file:, CC0,

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No NASCAR for Canada in 2024

It’s official.  NASCAR has decided to give Canada and others a wide-berth for 2024.  This includes the ever-popular Truck Series and Xfinity.  While there will be  Pinty’s events, it could be some time before we see the return of the ‘main attraction’. 

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October 21st Lapping Day pics

A special thanks goes to Pat Cyr for making an extra event happen at what might otherwise have been a ‘That’s all, folks!’ Post.

The following pictures are courtesy of Pat, as well.


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CASC President’s August newsletter

Annual Members’ Meeting – Nov 12

To all Club Presidents and any interested persons, the Annual Members’ Meeting will be held at the CASC-OR offices on Sunday, Nov 12 at 2 pm. We will be meeting in person and broadcasting via a video link.

On that day we are also holding two Division meetings:

  • Ice Race Division will meet at 9 am in person and by video
  • Race Division will meet at 11 am in person and by video.

At 12:30 we will conduct the Annual Awards Presentations for Race Division.

Lunch will be from 1 to 2 pm

Original cast of CASC’s logo designed by ST LAC’s Jack Luck

CASC-OR Board Positions

There are quite a few CASC-OR Board positions up for election this year. If you are interested in getting more involved please either contact a current Board member, or feel free to reach out to me directly.

  • Treasurer – Anne McCallum has agreed to stay on for another term, but will be pleased if someone else would like to “give it a try”.
  • Vice President – the Vice President’s role is changing. I’d like someone in the position that is ready, willing and able to take over should the President (me) need to reduce their time commitment.
  • Division Directors for Race, Autoslalom, and Karting are available. The existing Directors have served multiple terms and do not intend to stay on.

CASC-OR is made up of 30+ motorsport clubs with well over 2,000 active members. For the organization to continue to flourish we need enthusiastic participation at all levels of motorsport, but critically we need an active Board of Directors to lead the way. Have you got what it takes to step up?

Ted Michalos

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October Social: good times had by all

It was SRO (standing room only) at the Loyal Oarsman Thursday as October saw the return of our social outings.  For many it was a case of ‘long time no see’ as folks squeezed their way into the backroom area of the pub.

The gathering echoed to the sound of cheers and much clinking of glasses as the faithful celebrated the many contributions made over the season by members new and old alike.  What a great way to celebrate 70 years!  And the best part?  There’s more where this came from.

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