Ontario’s latest race circuit reveals its thoughtful design

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Ontario’s latest race circuit reveals its thoughtful design

Modern racing circuit design uses plenty of tech, from digitally-precise site surveys to the final CAD layout, and drivers like us are better for it. Before a tire ever touches the tarmac, circuits are composed by designers and engineers seeking a careful balance between modern safety requirements and the types of challenges that drivers demand.

For Ontario’s latest circuit, Oro Station, site development is well underway, and a fleet of construction vehicles moves about the land every day. While Canadian earth is being scooped and piled and graded, the circuit itself is being designed with care and precision across the pond in the United Kingdom by Driven International in the little town of Hook.

Ben Willshire, the managing director of Driven International, is digitally creating the multi-purpose facility together with his team. They’re starting with a master plan of the entire campus, which will house a private members’ club, private villas, garages, industrial and educational space along with its centerpiece, the 4.1-kilometer road course.

Although it’s a digital design at the moment, Oro Station doesn’t want for human touch. The layout began with site walks and hand sketches, just like the old days, but from there, all of the engineering work is done on computers. Today’s motorsport simulator technology also means the track can be driven well in advance of drivers turning their first laps in physical cars.

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CRX update

Well guess what got found today in the barrel of wood scraps…you guessed it the awol grommet…  Dan Gray stopped by today to work on the heater box so not only did we get the heater core reinstalled but the engine back in place and the rad roughed in.



Editor’s note:  hmm, maybe we should be restoring the car to its original grandeur.  After all, there’s money to be made!

A Low-Mileage Honda Civic Si Sold For A Preposterous $50,000

My memories of Al by Eric Brunner

First really got to know Al during my tenure as Club President (2005 to 2014) when he became Competition Chairman in 2011.  He and Sergio embarked upon a pretty ambitious Auto Slalom program at Picton Air Field.  The series was very popular and we would have MCO, OMSC and PMSC members showing up to run on the fantastic facility.  Where else could you drive wide open on a big circuit unlike the small parking lots available anywhere else.  Also was good practice for the Regional that we put on each year. Continue reading

In memorium: Alan Pawling

Al was a big part of St. Lac and later Driver Dynamics. For several years he held the post of Competition Director for St. Lac. He also played a big role in the organization of the Regional Autoslalom events at Picton Airfield for many years. It is fair to say that his biggest contribution was the adaption of digital tech. to our timing and scoring, so that we could transfer results from the timer to the computer and then present them to the competitors.
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There isn’t a good Greeting Card for this: An update

It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of one of St LAC’s longtime member and supporter, Alan Pawling.  I, for one, am really saddened by this as he was a part of my introduction to motorsport in Kingston.  In fact he was the first person to enquire as to my thoughts and experiences after my initial night of Alutoslaloming.  But it didn’t end there.  Alan always seemed genuinely Alan PAWLINGpleased to see me when ever we crossed paths which, of course, was at one auto event or another.  He never forgot what car I was currently working on and wanted to know how it was progressing.  He was eager to make a suggestion and never forgot what I was to try next and would remember to ask about it.   I wish that this was the case for anyone who might be trying something for the first time.

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Gord Montgomery: In Memoriam

Gord Montgomery, a St. Lac member from back in the 1960’s passed away recently in Kingston at the age of 88. I first met Gord while he was a mechanic and partner, with Ron Burton in the long defunct Performance Motors on Concession St. In those days I ran a Triumph TR3 and I could not find a mechanic in Belleville who could tune it so it ran properly. I was complaining about this to Jack Hughes, who was on his way to becoming a well known Regional racer out of Kingston, driving his ‘improved production’ MGA. Jack went on to organize ‘The 1000 Islands Rally’ and to be President of St.Lac.Gordon Montgomery Anyway, he sent me to Performance Motors. Gord asked me to leave the car for a couple of hours, so I went away on foot to look for food & drink. Upon my return, he told me to take the car around the block to see if it was any better. I thought that it was someone else’s car! Just proper adjustment of the S.U. carbs, new points & condenser and reset the timing. A few bucks and I was on my way. Out on the highway I could hardly hold it down to 70 mph.
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A memo to the membership from our man in charge of memberships

Firstly, I hope everyone is well and has had a good start to the new year.

Looking back at 2020 I have to say one of the highlights was the success of the St Lap series of evening lapping sessions.   Despite all the COVID-19 hurdles and the odd rain cloud or Canada goose the 5 evening sessions were a great reminder that seeing old friends, running some hot laps and breaking race cars makes helping to run St Lac all worthwhile.    St Lac grew significantly under the pandemic increasing its numbers from 45 to 76 members.  Sadly, we were unable to host our regular Regional Auto Slalom in Picton which in turn meant that the Club’s main revenue stream was absent. I remain optimistic that the Regional series will be back on track (ed:  get it?!) this year but it’s anyone’s guess how things will look in late May.

However, I  have some great news that should put smiles on many faces. Firstly, St Lap II is booked. The dates are:

May 27th, June 24th, July 15th, Aug 26th and Sept 9th.  I have attached the St Lap rules and Covid advice as a refresher and like last year the passes are transferable.  We are limiting the pass holders to 36 just like last year and the best news of all is the rate will remain the same at $265.00 for all 5 evenings.  eTransfer payments can be sent to my email   Please don’t forget to renew your St Lac membership BEFORE sending the St Lap payment at the CASC portal link on the St Lac website at https://www.stlac.ca/2017/12/joining-st-lac-renewing-membership/

Secondly, based on the success of the lapping events the club was asked to host a lapping day for the Mini Club of Ottawa.   I am very happy to confirm Sunday July 25th  is booked for this full day event at Shannonville motorsport park (SMP) . We are still ironing out the payment method, but I can confirm the cost to members will be $250 for the full day.  We will be limiting the event to 48 participants.  Our goal will be to run all four track configurations with a variety of run groups to accommodate the non mini crowd.  I am hoping to have the full details for registration, payment and the schedule available within the next couple of weeks.

So please mark the dates now in your calendar,  please renew your memberships, and plan on some seriously masked fun coming your way this spring and summer, all the best from your executive team: Dan Wilson-President, Rob Metcalfe- treasurer, Danby- membership and Roger Ramjet-web guru .  All the best for 2021.

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