2023 AGM

There were plenty of folks in attendance at this year’s AGM.  Special thanks to Danby & Dan for arrangements, invitations and making sure our Club has a full-slate of officers for the 2023 season.

Oh yes, if there aren’t any pictures — it didn’t happen.  Here you go:

2023 License A & B Fee Reduction

Last year CASC-OR generated an operating profit in excess of $40,000. This was primarily due to large reductions in our administrative costs. As promised at the Annual Members’ Meeting and the Race Division Workshop last fall, we are reducing the cost of Competition A and B licenses for 2023 as follows:

OLD PRICE: $250.00 + $32.50 HST = $282.50

NEW PRICE: $176.99 + $23.01 HST = $200.00

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Electronic Licensing is now active

CASC-OR is now issuing electronic licenses for officials and competitors

Last fall at the Annual Members Meeting and at the Race Division Workshop we announced that CASC-OR was going to switch to electronic licenses as soon as we were able.

Thanks to the long hours that Scott Ellsworth has put in, the Members’ website has been updated to provide licenses that look like the example included.


You may have noticed that we have made them look like the old “hard card” licenses. One significant difference is the inclusion of a QR code on the bottom right corner. If you scan this code it will take you to a webpage that verifies the status of the license as either VALID with a green bar or INVALID with a red bar. Anyone wishing to verify a license need only scan the QR code. Continue reading

2023 Bob McCallum Scholarship

Applications are now being accepted for the Bob McCallum scholarship.  This grant was established to provide financial assistance to new Motorsport competitors in the 2023 CASC-OR Championship competing in the F1200, F1600 or Formula Libre Championship series.

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How to join St LAC or renew your membership in 2023


The original CASC logo-template created by St LAC’s very own Jack Luck.

Joining St LAC has never been easier and once again, we ask all members — new and returning — to join through the CASC portal. This will require that you ‘join’ the site and then login.  If this is a problem you can drop us a line at stlacclub@gmail.com

1. Go to:  https://members.casc.on.ca/

2. Join or login .

3.  Make your selections! 🙂

This year’s membership fees will be the same as last year’s; namely, $55 per single and $5 for family members.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all.   Firstly I want to thank everyone who responded to our 2022 annual survey as we had 54 responses. That’s very  close to 50% of the membership who replied, so that’s an excellent return rate.  The Coles notes from the questionnaire are as follows:

  • St Lap IV will retain its traditional 5 evenings over the course of the summer-  the dates for 2023 are May 25th, June 29th, July 20th, August 24th and Sept 7th  * registration will start early next month
  • we will be hosting a go karting road trip to Mosport as 35 of us are keen to do so-  details for the date/pricing  will likely be announced in late March
  •  we are still in the discussion phase with SMP over the financing for the CASC regional race weekend in early June but regardless of whether ST Lac is the sole host we have enough volunteer interest to help run the event
  • our medical clinic date is set for Feb 3rd ( see details below)
  • the clubs’ social media will be an area of growth for 2023
  • 15 members expressed an interest in I racing so we will see if we can appoint a volunteer to make that happen- likely not till next Fall

So now for the Current News.

  • Jan 26th is our next wing night/AGM at the Oarsman from 6 to 9..  It will also be our first annual in person AGM since Covid began. Dan will be sending out a  brief summary of the AGM agenda prior to the meeting
  • Medical clinic Feb 3rd -7:30 -9:30
  • please mark Feb 23rd and March 23rd as wing nights in you calendar
Medicals:  As mentioned above Dr Chris Evan’s , our passionate Formula Ford advocate, will be hosting a race licence medical clinic on the 3rd of February at the Oarsman for 7:30 to 9:30 for our racers.  Chris is cc’d above so please reach out to him directly to schedule a time slot .  The donations for the medical fee ( starting at 75.00) are given to the scholarship fund that helps our best open wheel racers attend the Formula Ford Festival in the UK held each fall.  So if you need a medical completed please come and support Chris’ efforts and share the news with any friends in VARAC or other clubs.  If needed , a secondary date can be arranged so don’t worry if this timing doesn’t work for you. For those planning to attend the clinic Chris will provide you with a checklist once you have responded to him in person so that you have your paperwork organized in advance.
Lastly, I just want to thank all the folks behind the scenes for their encouragement and goodwill as St Lac celebrates its 70th year since its incorporation. That’s a real milestone and all the moral support helps us stay motivated to make your experience with the club worth paying for. From all the Executive –  thank you.  Stay well everybody and don’t forget to renew your membership at the following link: https://members.casc.on.ca/   If you have forgotten your user name just email the club and I will forward you the info.  All the best for a great 2023.   DC

RIP Ken Block

Hoonigan Racing has confirmed the passing of Ken Block.  Mr. Block lost his life in a snowmobiling accident.

The tributes are pouring in from all aspects of power sport racing including the retiring of his number 43 from World Rally racing.  He was 55.  His belief in ‘go fast risk every thang’ could be seen not only in his driving process but in the world of business as well as co-founder of Hoonigan Racing and DC shoes.

You can see his talent for yourself on his YouTube channel.

Picture credit:  CTV News

How I spent my Christmas Holidays

What to do, what to do…wait…did that say ‘ran when wrecked?!’  I’m in!!!

Thanks to Grassroots Motorsports magazine I now have a new pastime to while-away the hours.  And I’ve got to say that it’s time well-wasted.  What’s the buzz?  Let me tell you about (in case you don’t already know) copart.ca

This candy shop offers written-off cars for your viewing and bidding pleasure.

How it Works
– Copart car auctions have something for everyone — used car buyers, dismantlers, dealers, body shops, salvage buyers and individuals.
– Buy your next car from the comfort of your own home. Win your car at an online auction, or let our proprietary software do the bidding for you.
– Some of the cars have a buy-it now feature (the price is provided) while others have reserves.  And don’t let the title fool you — choices include vans, ATVs, bikes and more.

You can check for upcoming auctions, search a particular make and model, pick from Salvage, Used or All.  Add a distance from home and get ready to bid.  Of course you’ll have to register first.

I started by selecting Classic Cars from the Vehicle Type tab and the site did the rest.  And as Austin Powers would say, ‘Yeah, baby!’  Now to decide if it’s worth the drive…