Mayhem ensues at Canadian race track on its first day re-opened

Toronto Motorsports Park started the season with crashes, fistfights and a car fire

As part of Ontario’s re-opening following months of COVID-19 lockdowns, the province is allowing people to take part in individual outdoor recreational sports.

That means drivers who want to take to race tracks like Toronto Motorsports Park (TMP), also known as Cayuga for its location roughly two hours west of Toronto, have finally been given the all clear—yes!

It seems all the street racing that’s been occurring during quarantine has given people a taste for the real thing, and prompted quite a few enthusiasts to take their vehicles to the track like responsible racers.

Except the shenanigans they may have seen or taken part in on the streets weren’t left behind — they followed the drivers to Cayuga.

Shae Walker photos.

Photos and videos from people who attended TMP’s first open track day of the season show a scene of absolute mayhem, with multiple car crashes and reckless racing.

Several drivers pulled off unsafe passes and showed off other bad track etiquette, and there was even a fistfight, which broke social distancing rules, obviously. Even drivers on their best behaviour got stung: the owner of a C7-gen Chevrolet Corvette Z06 responsibly pulling off solo laps later saw his car burn to the ground in the parking lot, as seen in one video posted to Instagram.

TMP administrators were eventually compelled to issue a statement regarding the misconduct on track.

It should go without saying that a bunch of kids with Subarus and BMWs probably aren’t going to have as much talent as Senna around a track, but it’s incredible to see toxic car culture boiled down into a few hours so perfectly — and on the season’s first track day! We could see a whole summer of disaster.

We also feel it prudent to say most insurance companies in Ontario do not like when you take your car to the track, and sometimes have specific policies prohibiting racing. So if you plan to take your car racing, remember you may not be covered for any crashes or damage.

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