Once again, VARAC is holding the 2019 Vintage Grand Prix at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport) on Friday 14th to Sunday 16th June, 2019, our 40th Anniversary event. 
As before, on THURSDAY, 13th JUNE, we are holding a Track Day for 3 groups – open wheel race cars, closed wheel race cars and Street Cars (obviously, these groups are not on track at the same time). We are inviting members of all Car Clubs to join us for a day of Street Car Lapping on the Main Track – perhaps you would kindly circulate this around your membership as we’d love to have some of your members join us..
The Track Day cost is $350, and for that, drivers can expect to get from 1 1’2 to 2 hours of track time in 3 to 4 track sessions – we even serve lunch! The day is set up for any skill level – complete ‘newbies’ or guys who have been on the Main Track before. Current VARAC Racing Members will be on hand to mentor newcomers and pass on their knowledge so that even newcomers should be able to drive several sessions solo on this great circuit.
Would you kindly pass this on to your members and advise them that registration for this event is taking place on the MotorsportReg.com website – a link to the registration page is HERE.
If you or your members have any questions, please get in touch with me at walter.davies@me.com – I’m the Street Car Lapping Event Organizer
We limit this Lapping to 35 street cars, and always sell out, so any interested members are urged to Register quickly – the latest figures I saw showed 24 existing registrations so we’re filling up quickly!.
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