It lives!!! An update on our club’s hooptie

It’s been a busy time of it with many hands on board to get the CRX ready for the track.  Thanks to Andrew, Danny, Rob, Mario Locatelli, Sergio and Danby for stepping up to make good things happen.  Best yet, Dan and Danby Dan just finished the replacement of the tranny it now runs and drives and stops…

Some photographic highlights from the first annual Alan Pawling Memorial

For your viewing pleasure — photos from the first annual Alan Pawling Memorial Lapping Day  (July, 2022).  The Club was thrilled to have members of Alan’s family in attendance.  While we were disappointed to not having Alan’s CRX ready in time, the recent efforts of club members will ensure its readiness for next year.

Alan Pawling Lapping Day update

Pre registration numbers  for the lapping day on the 13th remain very low (under 15) so for those who have registered already thank you, for the rest of you track junkies out there I want to remind you this will be the least expensive full lapping day you can find in Ontario this summer.  It’s $145 for members so please consider juggling your work schedule or maybe bring a gearhead friend out for the day to experience the fun of driving on a closed course or better yet bring your family members and teach them to drive better.  There will be three run groups just like our St Lap evenings so there is space for beginners, experienced drivers and our loyal fraternity of racers.
The BARC regional race is just a week afterwards at Mosport so if you need to test  spring-rates, jets or blow the cobwebs out here is your chance to enjoy seven 20 minute sessions . Please find the the registration link here:
Lastly, thank you to Rob and Dan and Peter for their help running last week’s evening lapping in my absence.  I heard we had approximately 30 cars out so that is excellent news.
All the best Danby.

CRX update

Happy Canada Day Weekend St Lac members, as most of you know the club has been rebuilding the 89 Honda CRX which was purchased from Alan Pawling several years ago. The first annual lapping day in honour of Alan’s long term support is fast approaching on the 13th of July at SMP.   After last weekend’s workshop steady progress was made however there remain a significant amount of tasks to be completed before the CRX is track worthy, Many of you will have plans already for the weekend but several of us are getting together again on Saturday afternoon starting at 1:00 pm to keep up the momentum for the repairs in the hopes that we have the car drive-able for the lapping day event. If you are free and are interested in helping out please let me know by email and I will fill you in on the remaining tasks and my address etc. or feel free to call me at 613 386 3851.

June 20th news

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that this coming Thursday, June 23rd, is our second lapping evening of the season.  For those of you who are planning on coming please complete the SpeedWaiver (Link below) before coming to smooth the registration process (yes – you have to do it every time…).  If you have issues with this don’t worry – I’ll help you out at registration.  Also ALL passengers and spectators (who go past the paddock entrance to pit lane) MUST have a completed speed waiver.  We will be enforcing wrist bands for all drivers and passengers entering the track.

If you do not have a St. LAC Lapping Pass but would like to participate head over to our Facebook page to connect with someone who isn’t using theirs (I know there are a few posted there already).

Finally, we are planning on having another CRX build party on Sunday, June 26th from 10:30 – 2:00.  The focus of this gathering will be to get the exhaust installed and repairing the driver-side door.

SpeedWaiver link:

Stay safe.  Be Kind. Dan.

CRX update

Thanks to Dan Gray for pictures from the CRX work day last Sunday (June 12th).  Lucky ST LAC members are in for a treat once Al’s car hits the pavement.  Thanks is also extended to Matt and Sergio for getting the tranny sorted so hopefully the reassembly should run smoothly from here on in.


Shannonville Motorsport Park — SMP Cup 2022

Shannonville Motorsport Park  reached out to the club to see if there would be any volunteer interest to help run the races over the course of the June 4-5th.  And interest there was so it’s a great big thank you to Rob, Brent, Mike, Mary, Wayne and Ed.  The weather was fantastic and so was the close racing by our members in attendance. The run groups were smaller than usual as there was a Regional Race at Calabogie but that didn’t deter from the excitement on track.

I wasn’t able to make it to the track on Saturday but our very own Pat Cyr had a heated battle for his first win of the weekend in the GT2 class and went on to win again in the first race on Sunday morning and finished a close second in the final race of the day. Pat put on a stellar performance and the excited announcer couldn’t keep his eyes off the pair of duelling BMW’s as they raced bumper to bumper all weekend – Well done Pat.

Danny Corrcoran’s success in his late model 2008 Impala was also noteworthy as Dan managed three third place finishes in the GT1 category followed closely by Mark Busscher who placed 4th in two races in his 2013 Camaro. Mark had to come from the back of the field after losing a bolt in the shifter during race 2 and DNFing but was awarded the Hard Charger award in the final race making up 15 places to retain his steady 4th place finish.

Our club doctor at large was also in attendance with his new 92 Van Diemen Formula Ford. Unfortunately for Chris he was plagued with mechanical gremlins all weekend and wasn’t able to complete any of the 3 races. Having raced myself in the Toyo 1600 series for 4 years I know exactly how frustrating that can be but it’s a testament to his enthusiasm to keep on trying. Chasing electrical faults and loose bolts is part of the deal with these older cars but they remain competitive and a blast to drive- so “chin up” Chris as my English dad used to say.

The Toyo series put on an excellent show as American newcomer William Ferguson won both races on Sunday in a very tight contest with Britain West’s Jake Cowden. It was Willaim’s first race weekend in one of Brian Graham’s beautiful Pipers but that didn’t stop the young 17 year old from beating many seasoned 1600 drivers. Keep an eye out for him as he makes his way up the ladder. I personally complimented him on a job well done as Shannonville is a very difficult track to master in such a short time.