August newsletter

Hello St Lac Members!

Wow it’s hard to believe today is the first of August. Many of you may be wondering what’s up with our planned karting event as we were aiming for a mid August evening event at Mosport. Sadly, I have not received a reply from their event manager after multiple calls and emails. I guess they must be very busy as you would expect a car clubs’ interest would be high on their prospective customer list. Anyway, I am about ready to toss in the towel and look for an alternative venue. Apparently there is a facility near Smith Falls so that will need to be looked into if we don’t have an answer from CTMP this week. Maybe when Roger (pictured running away from home) posts this on the website we will see some action as word of mouth is usually a good way of spreading news on the gearhead grapevine. Due to this delay we are going to poll you all again (later this week or early next week) to see if a weekend date in September is better timing wise for everyone. Rather than a Thursday evening event this month as the shorter day lengths are not in our favour as Fall approaches, and our prospective numbers were split in two for the previous tentative dates so perhaps a Saturday or Sunday afternoon makes more sense? We’ll see.

I want to thank everyone again who attended the CRX workshop last weekend as we made steady progress with the body prep work. We are scheduling another round of bodywork for Sunday August 13th from 10:30 until late afternoon.

If you have a secret love for the smells of bondo or lacquer thinner come and join us. The address is 657 Simmons Road and cool beverages and lunch are provided…nudge nudge wink wink.

Round four of St Lap IV is coming up later this month on the 24th. We had a smaller turn out than usual in July so I suspect we’ll be very busy with drivers in three weeks time. Having said that, it was a fantastic evening and all the lappers I spoke to enjoyed the benefits of a less busy track.

Lastly, we are still looking for volunteers for this weekends’ upcoming Varac one day event at SMP on Saturday the 5th. Here is the workers link to register: Peter Jackson Races volunteer sign-up. There are spaces available to help with the mock grid and paddock duties and if you are uncertain what’s involved please reach out to the club email and we can fill you in in more detail.

That’s all for now- stay safe and well. DC

ST LAP IV is officially sold out!

All passes have now been sold, so if you don’t have one but are interested check out the ‘St. LAC Lapping Pass’ group on FaceBook to see if there are any unused passes available.

Lance Stroll suggests he discusses SilverStone collision ‘in the parking lot’

After colliding with Pierre Gasly at Silverstone, Lance Stroll (artist’s rendition below)

Source:  used by permission from the artist.  So fek off lawyers.
suggests they discuss the events ‘in the parking lot’.

Pictured is a parking lot that may or may not be attached to the raceway.  Free photo aerial views with parkinglot

Perhaps a challenge involving hockey might have been a better idea.

CRX workshop and BBQ, Karting update and Peter Jackson volunteer link

Hello ST LACers,

We had a great turn out last week, as per usual, at our 2nd St LAP IV lapping event.  News must be spreading as we are now officially down to one remaining pass so thank you to our members who keep spreading the word at a grass roots level ( you know who you are).

And a warm welcome to the five new members who joined the club last week!

I (Danby) will be hosting another round of the CRX workshop on July 23rd from 10:30 till mid afternoon, or later.  We will have a BBQ and beverages on hand  (bring a bathing suit if it’s hot).  So this isn’t just a fun day of sanding primer but also a social for anyone who is free to join us.  The address is 657 Simmons Rd, Odessa – so please mark your calendars.  In order to gauge the amount of food and drink requirred Dan has added a quick survey below to confirm if you are interested in attending, or not. (Maybe we will include some Oarsmens’ wings as bait…)

We are close to  nailing down the Mosport karting event which we are targeting for mid August.  This evening event will cost  approximately $250.00 . The fee will include a charter bus picking folks up at the HWY 38 exit parking lot at the 401, and the Karting bundle (all the gear and track time).  The planned departure time will be approximately 3:30 PM and back in K-town  by  roughly 10PM.  When we polled the membership last Fall there was a huge level of interest so hopefully this is still the case.  Dan will also be emailing a  quick “roll call” to see who’s keen to attend as it is very important we have an accurate number of planned attendees so we can book the correct bus size along with spaces at CTMP.  The target dates are the 10th or 17th of August but this may still change –  as a follow up final cost, times and dates will be shared asap.  Dan’s survey includes this too – see below (click the big button).

Lastly, we will be posting the registration link very soon for any volunteers willing to help with VARAC’s one-day Peter Jackson races at SMP on August the 5th.   As a sister club VARAC is hoping to draw on many of the individuals that supported the SMP cup event so I hope we can collectively make this happen.  If you are on the fence  this will bean action packed day of track activities with practice, quali, and 2 races for all the groups attending stuffed into just one day.  Dan’s survey is available here:

That’s it for now. All the best DC

Quick News Update

Hello St Lac members, just a couple of quick updates.

If you haven’t received your t-shirts Dan will have the balance of the order at the track next week.  If you are unable to pick up your swag please let us know and we can make arrangements to mail them to you.   If you missed the initial order the club purchased extra long and short sleeves T shirts in a range of sizes so these remaining items are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We will announce the next workshop date for the CRX very soon, with the intention to have a get together in mid-July to do the final prep work before the paint.  This will likely be coupled with a BBQ so stay tuned for that announcement.

As per Dan’s last email I also wanted to thank all the volunteers that helped over the SMP cup weekend and I hope you can make time to volunteer for the one day race events hosted by VARAC on August the 5th.  Dan will send out a form to solicit volunteers in the coming days.  Additionally, in Dan’s last email the volunteer contributions of Mike and Mary were missed.  We owe so much to these two regarding getting the club organized and offering their experience and expertise to allow us to support the SMP Cup.  Many, many thanks.

That’s it for now – all the best DC


Hi all!

I just wanted to publicly thank our volunteers for helping out with the SMP Cup weekend – all reports we have received that our people were great and appreciated.  So huge thanks to:

Andrew Lucuta
Barry Mitchell
Bob Donally
Danby Crowder
Ed Luce
Eric Brunner
Eric de Pauw
James Stewart
John Kinnear
Jonathan Brett
Jordan Southen
Rob Metcalfe

We have had some internal discussion on how we can improve our organization, and hopefully get ourselves a little more in the loop with the organizers next time around (lots of communication issues ‘above’ us).

Our next opportunity to volunteer is for the 1-day VARAC event, being held at SMP, on August 6.  Again we will be looking for volunteers.  As those who attended the SMP Cup know this is a great way to get up-close and personal with the cars and drivers, and gets you in the gate for free!

More information to follow as we learn more about this event.

Dan G

Next CRX workshop: July 23rd

Prove everyone wrong:  you do HAVE friends and a social calendar!  So, bring your tools and know-how to the home of Danby Crowder to help make the CRX a club car reality.