Spring Update- Speedwaivers are here

Dear Members:

Speed Waiver
The big news this last week is that all the CASC affiliated events are now moving to an electronic waiver.  The Speed Waiver, as you would probably imagine, is event specific.  For ST LAP III the waiver can be found here:  https://shannonville.speedwaiver.com/ldnma  Our understanding is the process is pretty simple-1) log on with your details, 2) sign the waiver by using your finger to write on your phone and 3) take a selfie. This waiver will in fact be very efficient once it’s up and running and should be an annual one so it should streamline our registration , but like all new things will create some initial confusion.

The Speed Waiver for the Alan Pawling event can be accessed through the event hub

Alan Pawling Memorial Lapping Day 2022
Registration is open on msreg.com for the club lapping day on July 13th ( find the link here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/alan-pawling-memorial-lapping-day-shannonville-motorsport-park-st-038942) so please spread the word.





Cheers DC

ST LAC presents ST LAP III (with correction) for 2022

Update:  25 passes have been sold so far.
Dates:  May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th, August 25th and Sept 8th.  Start time:  5:45-8:45 PM (this is in accordance with SMP’s wishes).
Where:  Long track.  Shannonville Motorsport Park
Price:  $280.00 for the season.  Only season passes will be sold (fyi — this works out to $56 per night).  Additionally,  a membership with St LAC is required.  Passes are transferable so can be used by friends and family in your absence.
The Fine Print:  The pass can only be used by one driver per car per evening; however,  as in previous years we’ll accommodate a second driver in the same car for the addition of the nightly fee and a club membership (family members are $5).

Errata:  The club also purchased several new loner helmets last year to accommodate those who forgot theirs.

Payments:  eTransfer to paymentstlac@gmail.com If you wish to pay in cash or by cheque please notify me and we can make that happen. Please note the club has closed its UPS postal box as we are now receiving most of our payments electronically so please don’t mail your payment to the old address if you have it on file.  It’s very important to confirm via email that you’ve submitted your payment by emailing the club or to my gmail at danbya310@gmail.com.
Run Groups:  Indicate what type of vehicle you are most likely to run.  Street car groups are set at a maximum of 20 cars per session for a total of 40 and 15 race car slots for a total of 55 passes up for grabs. pretty much what we had last year give or take a few spots…Remember if you have not renewed your club membership to go to the website and do so before purchasing your lapping pass.

Club news

Hi Everyone,  so thank you to all those members who attended our first “post” Covid social event last night.  I am very pleased to report we raised 500.00 for the F1600 scholarship recipient for 2022.  So I hope next year with a little earlier notification and Dr Evan‘s continued support we can accommodate more drivers who had previously booked their annual medicals with their own physicians and aim to double that dollar amount for 2023.  I have included some photos below for those of you who couldn’t make it.  Aslo a shout out to both Davidson Engineering and Madeley Automotive for renewing their corporate sponsorships for the year.

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Madeley Auto rejoins list of St LAC supporters

Madeley Auto — an Official Bosch service centre — has rejoined the ranks of St LAC corporate level sponsors.  Brian Madeley and his staff has been servicing imported and domestic vehicles in Kingston, Ontario since 1995.  You can reach them at:

Madeley Auto 1736 Bath Road Kingston, Ontario (613) 634-0306 / (613) 389-8492 and find them on Facebook here.

St. Lac announces medical exams for racers

To any/all racers requiring a current race medical for 2022 (particularly those in the eastern end of the province), St. Lac has 6 open spots on their medical examination night as set out below. You need to join St. Lac in order to be eligible (costs $55 for a membership) and then the exam will cost another $75.

Date: Wednesday March 9th, 6:30 pm – 09:00 pm

Location: Loyal Oarsmen Pub, 1724 Bath Road, Kingston – we have seating for 24 reserved.

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Covid regulations and racing in the US

Fellow racers,
It’s 112 days until our VGP is underway, regulations are changing fast and we want to keep everyone informed. this is the latest information from the Canadian government, and I’m sure they will continue to change up to the start of our event. We will be sending update as they are forwarded to us.




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Autobuf Kingston renews for 2022

Autobuf Kingston has renewed its support for another year and we’re grateful!

Autobuf Kingston has been offering a premium car detailing experience since 1989. Our trained, certified and award-winning staff are highly proficient in various methods to  make your vehicle look and feel outstanding.

When you’re ready to take your ride to the next level drop by or give us a call.

1063 Sydenham Road,
Kingston, ON K7M 3L8
(613) 384-2629

Mon-Fri: 7AM – 5PM
Sat-Sun: Closed

A word from our president

Hello members of St. LAC!

As you may recall from Danby’s New Years email I have volunteered as President of St. LAC. A few of you know me already, a bunch have probably seen me at some past events, but I have likely not met most of you, so I thought I would take a brief moment to introduce myself.

My name is Dan Gray, and have been in the Kingston area (up near Yarker) since 2015. I have been a club member since 2017 and have mostly been involved with supporting the Picton autocross events and, more recently, work on the clubs CRX. My automotive background is mostly Autocross, having been participating in the PITL series in Brampton for ~6 years before moving out this way.

My goal is to help keep the club going, to support all the great work that Danby, Roger, and Rob are doing, and generally have a good time.

I look forward to seeing everybody at the track!