CASC-ON General Meeting

This past Sunday was the Annual Members Meeting (AMM) in Toronto. St. LAC well was well represented with 7 members in attendance for the Race Workshop in the morning, with most staying for the formal AMM in the afternoon.

Race Workshop:

Snell 2010 helmets expire at the end of THIS year. Helmets will be inspected during race weekends next year to ensure everyone is up-to-date.

The scrutineers are looking into having pre-season tech inspections either at individuals homes (for a cost) or at various central locations. Detail will come out as a plan develops.

Race weekend dates for road racing, time attack, and ice-racing have been set and posted* (*though I have been unable to find them online).


Please join me in congratulating:

  • Mark Busscher for his 2nd place overall finish in the GT1 class.
  • Pat Cyr for his 3rd place overall finish in the GT2 class.


There was an insufficient number of clubs represented to meet quorum. I expect the decision will be to adopt the meeting as official with concurrence of the majority of the clubs, but this is speculation.

In general little has changed with respect to the way CASC-OR is structured or run, except…

Our very own Pat Cyr was nominated and confirmed to the position of Race Director. I’d like everyone to be supportive of Pat in this new role, and for the racers in our group I know that Pat will be reaching out to get your input as he has some ideas on how to improve the sport.

In other news we have started on this years Survey and will hopefully get it out to everyone in the next week or so.


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