Fall Update: Wing Nights are Back!

Hello St Lac Members!

Wow , it is hard to believe it’s almost Thanksgiving as the warm weather has me totally confused, at least more than normal. Please mark Oct 26th and Nov 23rd in your calendars as we will once again be getting together for Wing Nights at the Loyal Oarsman from 6-9pm. For the new members these get-togethers are a great way to meet fellow gearheads, eat some free appies and meet new friends. Last spring we were averaging 25 people per evening so we are hoping to continue that trend this fall and through to the spring of 2024.

Once again your executive is working on the fall questionnaire to be sent out some time next month to survey the full membership.

The loss of the Picton venue has changed the playing field for the club considerably. Not just in terms of revenue but also from a historical standpoint as the airfield was a true gem for autocross. It’s a tough act to follow but based on our initial karting event we may have found a fun new activity to offset the Picton loss. So we are busy trying to configure a spring and fall karting schedule along with expanding our lapping events at SMP for 2024, in addition to joining forces with several smaller clubs to offset the risk/costs of a full lapping day. Dan is also working behind the scenes to locate an autocross venue in the area so hopefully by next summer we’ll have a venue to continue our grass roots traditions as a club avoiding those pesky orange cones. Lastly, the CRX is now very close to paint so thank you again to all the volunteers who helped with it this summer.

I am looking forward to seeing all the regulars, and hopefully some new members, later in the month – all the best DC

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