Hi all!

I just wanted to publicly thank our volunteers for helping out with the SMP Cup weekend – all reports we have received that our people were great and appreciated.  So huge thanks to:

Andrew Lucuta
Barry Mitchell
Bob Donally
Danby Crowder
Ed Luce
Eric Brunner
Eric de Pauw
James Stewart
John Kinnear
Jonathan Brett
Jordan Southen
Rob Metcalfe

We have had some internal discussion on how we can improve our organization, and hopefully get ourselves a little more in the loop with the organizers next time around (lots of communication issues ‘above’ us).

Our next opportunity to volunteer is for the 1-day VARAC event, being held at SMP, on August 6.  Again we will be looking for volunteers.  As those who attended the SMP Cup know this is a great way to get up-close and personal with the cars and drivers, and gets you in the gate for free!

More information to follow as we learn more about this event.

Dan G

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