Keeping you up to date

Hello St Lac Members, I hope you are all doing well.  Last Thursday night’s inaugural ST Lap IV lapping event was well attended, and we were blessed with excellent weather.  It was great to see everyone in person and on behalf of our team of volunteers I want to thank all of the participants for coming.  It’s amazing as a Kingston based club that many of our regulars come from Toronto and Ottawa.  It was also great to see several individuals using passes where the pass holders were unable to attend.  Hats off to Dan for setting up this feature on Facebook and what a great way for members who cannot make all 5 events to utilize the transferable nature of the pass as it was intended.

Next weekend is the SMP Cup at Shannonville.  So far over 100 cars are registered. That’s a huge reflection on the efforts of all our members spreading the word that Shannonville is in a rejuvenation phase.  So, if you don’t have any plans for either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, come and join us.  Admission is $20.00, kids under 12 are free.   The Quebec touring car series grid is now up to 40 cars and, my alma mater, the F1600 grid is sitting at 23 the largest grid since 2007; and the GT grid is looking very strong as well. (Well done, Pat).

We are hoping our new shirts will arrive this week prior to the festivities, Ian Crerar, a long-time member, will have his band playing Saturday Night and all the volunteer crew are invited to the F1600 chili dinner in the paddock.  We are also presenting a cheque to the F1600 organizers for the Team Canada Scholarship for $850.00.  This presentation will be held at the last race event on Saturday at the F1600 podium – again a huge shout out to Chris Evans for his efforts generating this amazing donation.

There is also still time to volunteer if you are sitting on the fence – volunteers are asked to arrive between 7:30 – 7:45 as on track action starts at 8:30 sharp.  If you are busy on the weekend Friday is a test day and will have its own action as everyone takes to the long track to practice.

All the best and hope to see you next weekend-   DC

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