Wing Night BACK by popular demand…

Hello St Lac Members – Happy Easter! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring sunshine. As the title states the Club will be hosting one more spring Wing Night prior to our season kicking off. So please mark the evening of the April 27th, from 6-9, at the Loyal Oarsman. Our March event hosted over 30 people and was our first official gathering for our team of volunteers that we now have assembled to assist with the Shannonville race weekend in early June. Feedback from the CASC and BEMC is very positive as we have exceeded their expectations in terms of support for this race weekend.

On that note our second volunteer meeting is being held next Saturday morning at 10:00 am at Shannonville. The reason for this in person meeting is to introduce the volunteers to the BEMC leaders, to pair everyone up with their race weekend mentors, go over all the various volunteer positions and in general familiarize ourselves with the event’s schedule and structure. Shannonville is hosting their first drift weekend so please ensure you identify yourself at the gate as a St Lac volunteer member – there for training – so you don’t have to pay to get in. We’ll be meeting on the second floor of the main tower. So hope to see you there.

In other news we have now sold 32 of 46 lapping passes for ST Lap IV. There are just a couple of race spots left. The Club has secured our insurance coverages for this evening series so once we have the Speedwaiver QR code set up we’ll send that out to everyone in advance. We will also have annual Tech Inspections available at our first event on May 25th for anyone who needs one. Still nothing to confirm regarding our annual Picton autoslalom event, but fingers crossed that we’ll have some positive news this week.

Our 70th anniversary decals will be in next week so we’ll have them up for grabs on the 27th and we are working on windshield banners to compliment this amazing anniversary. The windshield decals will be in the order of 45 bucks so will be made to order. Once the design is finalized we’ll be sharing the order form.

Finally we have expanded our email distribution list to try to get the attention of folks who were members prior to COVID. If you do not wish to receive these emails you can use the unsubscribe button below. If you do wish to be informed of the clubs activities please consider to re-join. Membership details can be found near the top on our website.

That’s it for now. On behalf of the whole executive have a wonderful Sunday- all the best – DC

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