Race stewardship/volunteering update

Hello St Lac members past and present. Happy March.

The Spring season will be upon us very soon so in an effort to organize the volunteers for the June 3rd-4th Shannonville regional race we need your help. Approximately 30 of you responded positively towards volunteering when we polled the membership in last year’s club survey. Due to the anonymous nature of the survey we now are asking for your help by responding to this email to indicate your support for this exciting CASC regional event. 

As previously mentioned there are a wide variety of roles available to assist with the event. If you were one of the positive respondents we are asking that you also come and join the “regulars” at our next Wing Night at the Loyal Oarsman on the 23rd.
That evening we will confirm your interest and ask what role you would be most comfortable with. Next steps will be a follow up in person meeting in April with the team we assemble and then, if you are able, we will be pairing everyone up with members from BEMC so that you can attend the opening round or the regional race series at Mosport on May the 6th-7th. Don’t worry if you can’t make this May race as it’s not mandatory; but the CASC head honchos have invited us to attend and feel its a great way to familiarize yourselves with the voluntary positions. Making it out for either day for this opening race weekend will be a great introduction to the inner workings of the races and how they are run. So we are hoping that many of you will take up this unique opportunity to assist the BEMC team. If you have never attended a Mosport race you will not be disappointed as the track is world renowned (editor’s comment — on the F1 circuit until 1981). So please send us you name to if you can volunteer your time in June at Shannonville and come and join us in person later this month so we can allocate the roles that suit you best.

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