2023 VARAC Vintage Grand Prix Lapping event

Neil Young the new VARAC manager for the Street Car Lapping Sessions at Mosport during the 2023 VARAC Vintage Grand Prix Weekend scheduled for June 15th, (Lapping Day for Street Cars Promo 2023-02-08) extends an invitation for you to join in on the fun.  ST LAC has long been represented at our Lapping Session events. 

If you have an interest in participating please contact me directly at neil.young7@gmail.com and I will send you a copy of the supplementary regulations. These address car safety, driver safety and enhance the very large fun factor for the day!

If you are not interested in this year’s event but may possibly be interested in next year’s event please let me know and I will put you on our 2024 notification list.

If you know that you wish to join us follow the link on the PDF promo sheets and register your entry now.  There is a really good deal if you join the VARAC club as well! Check out the math!


Neil (905 703-1415)

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