ST LAP IV passes closing in on 50% sold

Hello St Lac Members.

ST LAP IV Lapping passes
It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the 2023 St Lap IV lapping passes are now available for purchase. As in past years, this evening lapping pass is focused on providing a cost effective series of evening lapping sessions on the Long track at Shannonville motorsport park. The club’s format will remain the same as in previous years with two road car groups and one race car group. The passes will also retain their transferability among the pass holders so if you know you can’t make all 5 events the pass can be used by a family member or friend to ensure its value is maximized.

The dates this year are May 25th, June 29th, July 20th, Aug 24th and Sept 7th. There are a total of 30 road car spaces and 15 race car spaces on offer now. The cost for this year’s pass has risen to cover the additional liability insurance for the Club; but we are still able to offer exceptional value per event. The St Lap IV pass is $380.00 ( 76.00/ night) for the season and your payment can be sent directly to . Upon making your payment can you please email the club email at as a confirmation.

The self tech form is attached. Please ensure it’s completion as we will be collecting them at registration. The club will also be enforcing attendance at the drivers meetings this year in addition to improved mentorship for new comers and additional help with scrutineering. For example we will be cracking down on any loose items in your car, inspecting brake fluid quality and overall safety to ensure a trouble free season. As in previous years all 5 evening sessions will be marshalled. We are looking forward to another sell out season so make sure your membership is up to date prior to your pass purchase.

Race Medical Clinic
In other news a huge shout out to Dr Chris Evans for hosting his second annual race medical clinic. Chris raised 650.00 last Friday, matching last year’s donation to the Formula 1600 scholarship, and said there were several donations yet to come (myself included) so that is excellent for this year’s scholarship winner.

Our next social event is coming up in two weeks’ time at the Oarsman on the 23rd so hope to see you there- All the best DC

St LAP vehicle fitness self declaration form

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