Electronic Licensing is now active

CASC-OR is now issuing electronic licenses for officials and competitors

Last fall at the Annual Members Meeting and at the Race Division Workshop we announced that CASC-OR was going to switch to electronic licenses as soon as we were able.

Thanks to the long hours that Scott Ellsworth has put in, the Members’ website has been updated to provide licenses that look like the example included.


You may have noticed that we have made them look like the old “hard card” licenses. One significant difference is the inclusion of a QR code on the bottom right corner. If you scan this code it will take you to a webpage that verifies the status of the license as either VALID with a green bar or INVALID with a red bar. Anyone wishing to verify a license need only scan the QR code.

When your license is issued by CASC-OR an e-mail will automatically be generated that sends you a pdf version of your license. We suggest you save the image on your phone so you may display it at any time you are asked (like checking in at Registration). You may print out a paper copy if that’s what you prefer – as long as the QR code works when you display it, but the whole idea is to reduce waste after all…
Keep in mind, when you apply for a license, it still needs to be approved before it is issued. For example, a marshal renewing for 2023 will apply using the MEMBERS’ WEBSITE. Here they can update their contact information (via their personal info), they can renew their club membership (for most CASC-OR clubs), and then they may apply to renew their license.
Once you apply for your license renewal (or for a new license) your request is placed in a “pending” queue awaiting approval to be “issued”. Licenses will only be issued if/when you meet all of the criteria for the license:
  • valid club membership
  • photo on file
  • approval by an authorized person for type and class of license
  • valid medical if required
  • paid the fee if required
If something is outstanding when your “pending” request is reviewed you may receive an e-mail listing the deficiencies. Provide what is missing and when the pending list is reviewed again your license will be issued.
For those of you who really want a hard card they are available in one of two ways:
1) If Anne McCallum is working registration at an event, she has offered to bring a card printer with her and for $5 she will print off a hard for you to pick-up before the end of the event; or
2) AFTER your electronic license has been issued you may send an e-mail request to office@casc.on.ca for a hard card to be printed. The cost is $25 and a card will be mailed out next time a batch is run in the office. No guarantees when that may be… If too many people ask for hard cards then the price will be increased to $50 or more until we find the price that stops most people for asking for them.
For a more detailed description of the process go to this Electronic Licensing
Thanks again to Scott Ellsworth for making this possible. By now, you should have received my e-mail announcing a price reduction for Regional A and B Competition licenses. The reduction is a direct result of the costs savings we have had at the office which are due in no small part to electronic licensing.
See you at the track!
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