How I spent my Christmas Holidays

What to do, what to do…wait…did that say ‘ran when wrecked?!’  I’m in!!!

Thanks to Grassroots Motorsports magazine I now have a new pastime to while-away the hours.  And I’ve got to say that it’s time well-wasted.  What’s the buzz?  Let me tell you about (in case you don’t already know)

This candy shop offers written-off cars for your viewing and bidding pleasure.

How it Works
– Copart car auctions have something for everyone — used car buyers, dismantlers, dealers, body shops, salvage buyers and individuals.
– Buy your next car from the comfort of your own home. Win your car at an online auction, or let our proprietary software do the bidding for you.
– Some of the cars have a buy-it now feature (the price is provided) while others have reserves.  And don’t let the title fool you — choices include vans, ATVs, bikes and more.

You can check for upcoming auctions, search a particular make and model, pick from Salvage, Used or All.  Add a distance from home and get ready to bid.  Of course you’ll have to register first.

I started by selecting Classic Cars from the Vehicle Type tab and the site did the rest.  And as Austin Powers would say, ‘Yeah, baby!’  Now to decide if it’s worth the drive…

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