How I spent my Christmas Holidays

What to do, what to do…wait…did that say ‘ran when wrecked?!’  I’m in!!!

Thanks to Grassroots Motorsports magazine I now have a new pastime to while-away the hours.  And I’ve got to say that it’s time well-wasted.  What’s the buzz?  Let me tell you about (in case you don’t already know)

This candy shop offers written-off cars for your viewing and bidding pleasure.

How it Works
– Copart car auctions have something for everyone — used car buyers, dismantlers, dealers, body shops, salvage buyers and individuals.
– Buy your next car from the comfort of your own home. Win your car at an online auction, or let our proprietary software do the bidding for you.
– Some of the cars have a buy-it now feature (the price is provided) while others have reserves.  And don’t let the title fool you — choices include vans, ATVs, bikes and more.

You can check for upcoming auctions, search a particular make and model, pick from Salvage, Used or All.  Add a distance from home and get ready to bid.  Of course you’ll have to register first.

I started by selecting Classic Cars from the Vehicle Type tab and the site did the rest.  And as Austin Powers would say, ‘Yeah, baby!’  Now to decide if it’s worth the drive…

News you can use and our annual survey too

Dear St Lac Members,  I will start off with providing the link below to our annual 2022 club survey. Here it is:


Last year we had an excellent response rate so I am appealing to you all again to take a couple of minutes to answer the 12 questions as this anonymous survey format is our best tool  for collecting your valuable feedback.   More importantly, it’s your chance to provide the executive  with your own ideas for future events, improving the ones we have or just giving us a two thumbs up if you think we are doing a good job or the stink eye if we let you down.
As you will see from the survey/questionaire  2023 is looking like another very busy year for the club ; however, my gut instinct tells me it’s going to be a year of belt tightening for many as inflation  takes hold. Therefore, it’s even more important than previous years that we take stock of your opinions as members.  Being a gearhead is expensive and we know the club’s costs  will reflect these rising prices so it’s very important that the club executive plans our events strategically and in proportion to our members’ interests and attendance at events. Even if you don’t take part in any of our regular motorsport activities we still want to hear from you so please don’t be shy. Please do your part and click on the link.
In other news in early November the CASC- Ontario region held its annual AGM in Toronto.  It was my first attendance on behalf of the Club and I was amazed  by how many other  club members showed up.   In total I counted 9 St Lac members which was a surprising number considering there were approximately 50 people in attendance.  You may not realize it but your $55.00 membership makes you part of the largest Motorsport organization in Canada with over 2000 members in Ontario spread among 30 regional clubs.  The meeting highlighted similar challenges and wins  facing St Lac but on a much larger scale.   For example attendance at regional races weekends is shrinking with a total of 630 drivers, or on average 101 drivers per event.  That  low average means  active race licence holders are attending just 1.9 events per year.  St Lac’s new VP, Pat Cyr, was nominated to take up the challenging role to improve these low numbers as the  new drivers representative for the  CASC GT classes for 2023, (way to go Pat). The Time Attack group  saw a 25% increase in attendance with all their events selling out.  Much like our own St Lap events. The Autocross division saw regional events dwindle but St Lac successfully hosted  the only CASC sanctioned event in Picton this past August.  This Picton event, as many of you know, is still the backbone of the club and our President, Dan Gray, will ensure this passion for autoslalom continues in 2023. The meeting  covered a lot of ground including the awards ceremony where a stream of club members accepted their trophies and cheques.   Pat  and Mark Busscher were in attendance and Danny Corcoran was an honorable mention for their success in the GT Sprints classes where Pirrelli provided a prize fund of $30,000 to be spread among all the class winners-  So well done guys.  Lastly, I was amazed to find out there are two $12,500 scholarships offered to open wheel rookies in either the F1600 or formula V classes.   So if you know any up and coming young racers here is a financial carrot worth noting.
Before wrapping up this email I want to emphasize the incredible news that St Lac turns 70 years old in the New Year .  I find that quite humbling as the collective efforts of past members, their experiences and memories running back all the way to 1953 is something to celebrate.  We also have several active members who have held memberships since the early 1960’s  so I am very proud to be able to be a part of this collective of volunteers. So when you answer question #9  consider the bigger picture of how becoming a volunteer affects those around you with positiveness and goodwill.
 In closing I hope we can continue to grow the membership base among a younger generation of men and women who can be proud to be part of a grassroots motorsport.  With this goal in mind we are in the planning stages of an introductory program designed to  help young women enter motorsport through an online webinar/discussion forum to break down the hurdles towards  becoming  racers (Emily and Michelle we’ll be counting on your input). What a great way to celebrate our 70th birthday.
All the best DC

ST LAC welcomes Pat Cyr as VP

ST LAC is pleased to announce that Pat Cyr has joined your Executive in the role of  VP.  Pat is a successful racer in a variety of categories associated with CASC and supporter of our many events.