ST LAP III reminder for August 25

Hi Everybody, just a quick reminder that we are back at Shannonville for round four of St Lap III tomorrow evening. Can you please make sure to have the speed waiver ready at registration as we will push to get on track asap due to the shortening day length. The link for the speed waiver QR code is attached We have been pounded with rain the past few days along the 401 corridor so I wont be surprised if the forecast has a shower or two predicted but as is so often the case Shannonville is often dry as showers tend to skirt north of the 401.

Unfortunately, the CRX is still awaiting primer as we were rained out this past Sunday but progress was made on Saturday with added help from Ian, Lee, Andrew, Dan and myself. The newly painted glossy white floor is encouraging as we were able to tackle the first stages of prepping for paint.
All the best and looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow- Stay well DC.

speed waiver for August 25th

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