Shannonville seeks volunteers

Shannonville Motorsport Park is hosting a regional race weekend on June 4-5th and has reached out to the club to see if there would be any volunteer interest to help run the races over the course of the weekend. If you have ever wondered how to become a marshal at the F1 Grand Prix in Montreal this is the first step. SMP has asked for help with organizing the mock grid (where the cars are staged before they enter the track), oversight of the pit lane and the podium and a runner for timing as well as driving the pace car . There will be mentorship in each of these roles and it’s a great opportunity for couples to bring their partners to help out with running the race weekend.

From my past racing experience the volunteers that run CASC events are a wonderful group and the atmosphere is relaxed and upbeat. The hours would run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day and lunch is provided. I hope there are some members who are interested in this unique opportunity and who are passionate about racing, talking to fellow racers and passers by as it can be a very social environment and a breath of fresh air after two years of lockdowns. I have copied John Bondar, SMPs owner here, so that you can reply to both myself and John if you have the time and the ability to volunteer over the course of the weekend. We will get back to you in person to discuss the roles that are available. All the best to everyone and we look forward to seeing you at the track.
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