May club news

Vini.  Vidi.  Vici.  Our first evening of lapping day at Shannonville held on May 26th was a huge success!  With over 39 drivers, it was a great way to start the season.  Were you there?  If so, why not send us some pictures?

In addition you will find the remaining speed waiver links below for the  St Lap III events, as well as the waiver to our full lapping day on Wednesday July 13th.  The links will also be posted in the St Lac calendar on the homepage at  Several of you have mentioned you do not own a smartphone but don’t worry as we can use a 3rd party’s phone to sign the waiver and will do so accordingly at registration.  Please try and arrive as early as possible as we will have registration open at 4:30 for the first outing as the new waiver will undoubtedly add some delays to the queue.
For the racers participating in St Lap III we still have two more spaces available for the lapping passes, otherwise we are a full house for the evening sessions for the two road car groups.
Getting Techee With It
As previously mentioned John Kinnear will be hosting an annual tech session starting at 3:00 on the 26th and we’ll be in the Fabi paddock as in previous years.  Racers who are  not running the evening session can still come out for your annual tech inspection as it’s a coup having John do this prior to any upcoming  regional race weekends.
Alan Pawling Memorial Lapping Day
In contrast to our sold out evening sessions we are sucking air so far for attendees for the club’s midweek lapping day in July on the 13th as we have only two registrants so far. Here is the link for the event:  The speedwaiver is included in the listing.
However I’m confident with all of your help and networking we can get the enrolment headed upwards and we have two months to spread the word.    Break even is 34 cars so please take the time to speak to your friends and fellow gearheads as this club lapping day, in memory of Allan Pawling, offers the best value on track that I am aware of in the region.  In comparison SMP was charging $300 for a single day of sessions for their recent Spring Fling Event while our member fee for even more track time  is $145.00 (that’s $200 for non-members which includes a membership).  All the racers out there please note that this is a great opportunity to prepare for the BARC event at CTMP later in July.
We are living in strange times, all the political turmoil aside, as by 2026 all new vehicles produced in the EU will be speed limited to 120kph and our US neighbours have decided by 2024 to legislate kill switches in all new vehicles to boot.. I struggle with my gas burning obsession on a regular basis but it won’t surprise me if our passion for driving on closed circuits  is taxed heavily and clubs like ours are one of the few places ICE vehicles will be allowed to come out and play.  So let’s all enjoy it while we can.
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