Spring Update- St Lap III sold out, electronic waivers are here, lapping day link for MSReg registration

Dear Members:

Speed Waiver
The big news this last week is that all the CASC affiliated events are now moving to an electronic waiver.  The Speed Waiver, as you would probably imagine, is event specific.  For ST LAP III the waiver can be found here:  https://shannonville.speedwaiver.com/ldnma  Our understanding is the process is pretty simple-1) log on with your details, 2) sign the waiver by using your finger to write on your phone and 3) take a selfie. This speedpass waiver will in fact be very efficient once it’s up and running and should be an annual one so it should streamline our registration , but like all new things will create some initial confusion.
The Speed Waiver for the Alan Pawling event can be accessed through the event posting at MSReg.

With spring weather around the corner many of us are dusting off our cars to realize that our first lapping evening is only weeks away.  I don’t know about the rest of you but the weeks are flying past in our household. It’s a little surreal.  So I am trying to get my $hit together so I can enjoy more than 3 laps this year in the ‘vette.  It appears that I am not alone as the lapping passes are nearly all spoken for.   We have 4  racer  spots left and a half dozen street ones remaining so if you have been procrastinating it’s time to  renew your membership here: https://www.stlac.ca/2017/12/joining-st-lac-renewing-membership/. And make your $280.00 payment to paymentstlac@gmail.com for the pass.

In theory we can put 24 cars out per stint on the long track but of course this leads to a very crowded session which inevitably diminishes the whole purpose of lapping as we dont want to be running a clump and bunch event series. There is merit in keeping things clean and simple and that remains the club’s goal- sounds a bit exclusive , I know, but heck that’s part of our charm. We are currently sitting at approximately 30 street cars and 12 race cars which leaves us with some space at each event as we never want to turn people away from joining us on track but as you can see we are close to our cut off – ideally we don’t want to exceed 20 cars per session. If the weather is good we tend to get a full house go figure…

Alan Pawling Memorial Lapping Day 2022
Registration is open on msreg.com for the club lapping day on July 13th ( find the link here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/alan-pawling-memorial-lapping-day-shannonville-motorsport-park-st-038942) so please spread the word.





Cheers DC

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