St. Lac announces medical exams for racers

To any/all racers requiring a current race medical for 2022 (particularly those in the eastern end of the province), St. Lac has 6 open spots on their medical examination night as set out below. You need to join St. Lac in order to be eligible (costs $55 for a membership) and then the exam will cost another $75.

Date: Wednesday March 9th, 6:30 pm – 09:00 pm

Location: Loyal Oarsmen Pub, 1724 Bath Road, Kingston – we have seating for 24 reserved.

Before March 9th:

  1. Please read through the CASC medical/physician exam form and complete the Applicant self-declaration form (Page 3). Print off page 4 as well and I will complete it (“Examining physician form”).
    • Note: if you screen “positive” for a condition in part 2 I will unlikely be able to sign off on your form so it would be best to contact me directly in advance, so we can determine if there’s any point in you applying.
  1. Confirm whether you need to have an EKG performed. Per CASC guidelines you need to have an EKG at age 40 years. Additional EKGs need to be performed only if you smoker, have a cardiac history or strong family history of cardiac disease, history of diabetes, or has high blood pressure.
    • If you need an EKG please fill in your details in the “patient information box” on the attached “EKG form”– top right hand side and send it back to me to complete. I will send it to the Apex Cardiology clinic (, which is in Arlington Park place, and they will contact you to schedule an appointment. This will need to be done before we meet.
  1. Confirm if you are up to date with your Tetanus shot. You need to have had it within the last 10 years. Please bring with you the date (year is fine) you last had it. You may need to call your family doctor or find your immunization record (yellow card) that has this.
    • If you need a Tetanus shot you will need to get it through your family doctor or a walk in clinic.
  1. Send your $75 payment to St. Lac at All proceeds will be donated to the Team Canada Scholarship Program ( that sends one young Canadian driver to the British Formula Ford Festival in hopes of furthering their rise into professional racing.

When we meet:

I will basically go through yourself declaration and complete the physician side of the form. I will bring a blood pressure cuff and have a vision chart to use if necessary. For vision, you need to have at least 20/50 vision and no significant color blindness to pass. For the color blindness part if you can distinguish the different flag colors you should be fine. Other than that, there is no physician exam required. Each person should not take more than 10 minutes so we were not planning on booking times per say, hoping people would be interesting in hanging out for a drink and or snack with other club members.

Dr. Chris Evans

Competition_Licence_Package 2022

EKG form – Apex

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