A word from our president

Hello members of St. LAC!

As you may recall from Danby’s New Years email I have volunteered as President of St. LAC. A few of you know me already, a bunch have probably seen me at some past events, but I have likely not met most of you, so I thought I would take a brief moment to introduce myself.

My name is Dan Gray, and have been in the Kingston area (up near Yarker) since 2015. I have been a club member since 2017 and have mostly been involved with supporting the Picton autocross events and, more recently, work on the clubs CRX. My automotive background is mostly Autocross, having been participating in the PITL series in Brampton for ~6 years before moving out this way.

My goal is to help keep the club going, to support all the great work that Danby, Roger, and Rob are doing, and generally have a good time.

I look forward to seeing everybody at the track!


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