Soon to be available for auction: Lambo Hurry-in-a-Can

After taking possession of a brand-new Huracan, (Lamborghini’s newest entry-level car) a Norwegian resident couldn’t resist opening it up while driving through Denmark.  Bad idea.  Danish authorities can seize and sell any vehicle which is being operating in a manner that is just too stupid for words.  That’s what you get when you go more than a 100 kph over the posted speed limit of 130.And if you want one, expect to pay upwards of $250,000 Cdn for this little number.  As for me, I’ve still got my hopes firmly pinned to owing an ’84 Countach.

And then there is the Ontario man who had the same lead-foot affliction.  He’s out over $18,000 for speeding in a rented Huracan.  And that’s not including the cost of the rental!

Not to be outdone, it seems, a Toronto man decided he had time to overtake a street car in his Huracan.  Nope.  And now his passenger is in hospital with critical injuries.

People, there are clubs and tracks for this kind of thing.  Sheesh.


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