Final Lapping Evening for 2021

It’s hard to believe we are down to our last of 5 lapping nights for the season this week on Thursday evening.  .  We have averaged 35 drivers over the four previous nights with our peak at 44 drivers so well done everyone who ponied up and bought a pass.   John Bondar, SMP’s CEO/GM, has been equally impressed by the support ST Lac has provided this year. With the addition of the OMG (Ottawa Mini Group) event in July it’s a rejuvenation of sorts for the Club with our  relationship with SMP and one I hope will continue and  prosper.  As you all know 54.00 bucks for 45-50 minutes of track time is a bargain and we hope next year to try and maintain this excellent value with St Lap III. Inflation being what it is at the moment we may see an increase next year in the track rental but our success this season gives us some extra leverage so again well done to all the pass holders for spreading the word about our fun evening events. This is grassroots motorsport at its best.

Free use courtesy of suncatcherstudio.

Free use courtesy of suncatcherstudio

Interestingly, we have had three new memberships over the last week which has put our membership numbers up to 110-  not including our corporate sponsors, so this is also a great reward for putting the time in to make things happen for  those on the Executive.   I also want to remind the membership that your 35 dollar membership also provides a 500.00 rebate off a new Subaru if you have been a member for 2 consecutive years. This perk comes on behalf of the club’s annual support for Rally Sport Ontario.   I mentioned earlier in the year that we will be putting out a survey to the membership in the fall, using the survey monkey tool, to poll you all on  the following:
  • membership fees/ sponsorships
  • swag
  • number of events
  • hosting an AGM
  • hosting virtual membership meetings
  • sociability/ mini tours

So stay tuned over the next couple of months as we want your feedback and advice for maintaining and inclusive and fun atmosphere.   Lastly, if you have been sitting on the fence all summer regarding  lapping the final evening is just 54.00 bucks-  we don’t have a ton of space left but will make every effort to fit you in.  Our Race Car group was thin at our last event and due to the darkness by 8:00 we will only be running 2 race car sessions versus the regular three stints this week.. The street car groups will get their normal three sessions.   Like the August 26th evening we’ll be running a giddy up grid  and back on the Long track. Registration will be open by 4:45 and the drivers meeting will be at the regular time at 5:15 so please don’t be late.  Looking forward to seeing all in a couple of days- the weather is saying possible showers so hopefully we will get lucky and have a fifth dry night-  cheers DC

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