Exclusive St Lac member invitation to the Petersen Ambassador program and lots more info

I am very pleased to announce that the acclaimed Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles Ca. (https://www.petersen.org/ ) has chosen St Lac to participate in their Ambassador Program.  Attached you will find an invitation from Ryan  Merino to register for this unique program. To activate the links in the word doc below use google docs to open the file -otherwise the links will not open ( this luddite had to ask)  In a nutshell the Museum is interested in our cars, our stories about  them, and why we love them; and are inviting you all to submit a short video of your beloved vehicle to their Virtual Cars and Coffee.

From all the submissions they select the best content to be included in their monthly live event at the Museum and even award prizes.  I had a very interesting call with  Ryan and Michael Odell , from their marketing team, earlier this week. We discussed the Museum’s desire to build their brand internationally with like minded car enthusiasts at a grass roots level and St lac hit their radar  Now, right off the bat I can think of one Lotus Cortina Owner that  has a tale to tell-  and a son with a flair for video.  So I hope there are others among you who have the desire to have their car immortalized on the net in collaboration with one of the finest collections of automobiles in the world. I for one love the idea and free swag is a very good  reason to investigate this wonderful  opportunity and reward their accolades to the club.
On other news:we are now at 26 registrants for the July 25th Ottawa Mini Group Lapping Day  which is good news as we are approaching our break even number of 36 participants.
 iVeritus based in Ottawa has taken a key sponsor role with the OMG at SMP event info at the following link: https://www.stlac.ca/2021/07/st-lac-is-pleased-to-announce-iveritus-will-be-the-flagship-sponsor-for-omg-at-smp-presented-by-iveritus/
Unity Audio has added to the OMG event swag with their support to the event at the following link:https://www.stlac.ca/2021/07/unity-audio-adds-its-support-to-omg-at-smp-presented-by-iveritus/
And Mini Ottawa has confirmed they are bringing two vehicles for all the Mini lovers among us to covet and hopefully test drive- (don’t  let them know they’ll need new pads when they leave).
 and Brian Madely for his recent corporate membership; https://www.stlac.ca/2021/06/madeley-auto-joins-list-of-st-lac-supporters/
Autoslalom supporters will likely already know we are live on msreg at the following link-for our Aug 14th -15th date in Picton…  for newcomers the airfield in Picton is one of the best venues for autocross in north america- don’t be shy come and join us; here is the registration link:
St Lap II event number two is next Thursday the 15th- we had 30 drivers at our first evening , a special thank you to John Kinnear for scrutineering 5 vehicles, it’s fantastic having our own resident CASC official – so looking forward to seeing you all soon and for anyone that wants to join us we have space with new passes available now that we are running either Long track or Pro track The remaining dates are July 15th, August 5th and 26th and Sept 9th-  best regards DC


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