Covid cancels first St LAP II event

Hello St Lac membership holders, well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out we’ve been cancelled by Covid for the second year in row for our inaugural lapping night on the 27th; but look at the bright side for the lucky ST LapII passholders you have an extra month to prepare our cars.. I for one need the time as I am sure many of you do . I go out to the shop with good intentions but end up sorting bolts instead of wrenching on a car. We’ll call it the covid blues…On the plus side we have a replacement date already so get out your calendars and mark August 5th -a Thursday evening – as the replacement for the lost May event.

Please don’t forget to spread the word about the club’s full lapping day on the 25th of July..all the details are here at the following link:

Take care everyone as i feel we are in the last leg of the Covid curse and am feeling very positive about the summer returning to normal. all the best Danby

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