ST Lap update and OMG at SMP’s tentative schedule July 25th

Hello St Lac’cers ,  I hope everyone is doing well under the current lock down.  I just wanted to provide a quick update regarding our first scheduled lapping evening on May the 27th.  I am optimistic that we will be able to attend this first scheduled evening session, but of course we are at the province’s mercy .  However, other clubs are sticking to their late May dates at this point so we’ll just have to wait it out.   If we miss the May date it  will be rescheduled   for early July-  much like last year.   I will try and provide as much advanced warning as possible to any changes in the dates so stay tuned. In addition if there are any new Covid based regulations for our events these will be emailed out prior to our first evening at the track.  Last summer masking was not enforced but we will need to stick to the provincial guidelines this summer which is pretty much a no brainer.

The club’s membership numbers are doing well at 55 members.  This is a good sign considering it’s the end of April.  Our event planning is well under way for the full day lapping day  on Sunday July 25th.   I have attached a tentative schedule for your review. Several changes have been made to accommodate individuals travelling from the Ottawa region at the request of the Ottawa Mini Club who we are hosting the event for. So the drivers meeting has been pushed out to 9:00 AM with registration commencing at 8:00.  The club’s goal is to provide between 160-180 minutes of track time which will depend on the total number of participants.  As a reminder all the registration and payment details are at the following link:
A shout out to Dan Gray  (sorry, ladies, he’s already spoken for) who has helped develop the schedule and to Chris Evans for taking charge of the recent swag orders-  I for one am looking forward to receiving the logo’d hoodies.  In other news there have been several changes to the club’s Directors Insurance as a new package has been put together by the CASC – Unfortunately the rates have increased considerably so one of the discussion topics we’ll need to survey members on is reviewing the annual membership fee of 35.00.  As many of you know this very inexpensive rate has been maintained for many years but it will need to increase for 2022.   We’ll do a survey in the fall to ask members for their feedback for a new rate.    I just want to thank all the newcomers for their support and appeal to all the rest of us old farts to remind their ex member friends to come out and join us at the track.  The July 25th full day event at SMP is very fairly priced at only 250 for the day so we need everyone to help spread the word that St Lac has a premium summer time slot reserved for its members to come out and enjoy each other’s company and passion for motorsports.  On behalf of the executive, stay safe and I am looking forward to meeting the new st lap II pass holders and seeing old friends soon.

All the best Danby

Preview attachment Mini OMG schedule.pdf

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