Do you know a Paul Houle?

A while ago I bought a 1958 Elva Courier Mk1 that had spent its entire life in Canada.
I was told, the car originally belonged to a Mr. Paul Houle that must have lived in or around Greenfield/Maxville Ontario Canada and would have bought it new from the importer in Montreal, Graham Locke.
The previous owner, Mr. Ian Cameron, was told by the chap who sold the car to him, that the original owner used to race the car in the Ontario region and that he’s regularly driven it to Montreal for work as well.
As your club, founded 1951, might well be the one Mr. Houle was a member of, I thought it might be worth to ask, whether you are able to fill in some of the gaps in the cars history?!
I’ve attached pics for you – the car used to be powder blue when new!
Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Kind Regards
Markus Tanner

Classic Car Connection AG
Unterer Flooz 3043
9620 Lichtensteig/SG
If you can help he would be pleased to hear from you at:

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