A memo to the membership from our man in charge of memberships

Firstly, I hope everyone is well and has had a good start to the new year.

Looking back at 2020 I have to say one of the highlights was the success of the St Lap series of evening lapping sessions.   Despite all the COVID-19 hurdles and the odd rain cloud or Canada goose the 5 evening sessions were a great reminder that seeing old friends, running some hot laps and breaking race cars makes helping to run St Lac all worthwhile.    St Lac grew significantly under the pandemic increasing its numbers from 45 to 76 members.  Sadly, we were unable to host our regular Regional Auto Slalom in Picton which in turn meant that the Club’s main revenue stream was absent. I remain optimistic that the Regional series will be back on track (ed:  get it?!) this year but it’s anyone’s guess how things will look in late May.

However, I  have some great news that should put smiles on many faces. Firstly, St Lap II is booked. The dates are:

May 27th, June 24th, July 15th, Aug 26th and Sept 9th.  I have attached the St Lap rules and Covid advice as a refresher and like last year the passes are transferable.  We are limiting the pass holders to 36 just like last year and the best news of all is the rate will remain the same at $265.00 for all 5 evenings.  eTransfer payments can be sent to my email   Please don’t forget to renew your St Lac membership BEFORE sending the St Lap payment at the CASC portal link on the St Lac website at https://www.stlac.ca/2017/12/joining-st-lac-renewing-membership/

Secondly, based on the success of the lapping events the club was asked to host a lapping day for the Mini Club of Ottawa.   I am very happy to confirm Sunday July 25th  is booked for this full day event at Shannonville motorsport park (SMP) .

We are still ironing out the payment method, but I can confirm the cost to members will be $250 for the full day.  We will be limiting the event to 48 participants.  Our goal will be to run all four track configurations with a variety of run groups to accommodate the non mini crowd.  I am hoping to have the full details for registration, payment and the schedule available within the next couple of weeks.

So please mark the dates now in your calendar,  please renew your memberships, and plan on some seriously masked fun coming your way this spring and summer, all the best from your executive team: Dan Wilson-President, Rob Metcalfe- treasurer, Danby- membership and Roger Ramjet-web guru .  All the best for 2021.


Editor’s note:  in case you’re wondering, Roger has left town and was last seen at this club.  Rumor has it he was seeking asylum.  Additional rumor’s have it he was denied access.  CCTV footage spotted him leaving the premises muttering something about no one appreciating fashion.

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