RCO: just a couple of reminders and announcements

Regional Rally Director position nominations:   According to the RSO Bylaws we ask for nominations for this position during October and then send out the candidates list to the Clubs in order for them  to pole their membership during November.  However, as we only had one nominee put forward this time – Warren Haywood –  that is the name I have sent to CARS to add to the official list of nominations for the role. We do appear to duplicate the process and this will be getting discussed by the group that are looking at updating the RSO Bylaws.  CARS are accepting nominations until December 9th and then they will be sending the list of candidates to Regional Clubs on December 15th according to the CARS announcement found on the CARS website (https://carsrally.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Announcement-2020-12-Regional-Directors.pdf)

I have asked them to copy me in on that so that I can assure you all receive it. Clubs will then vote on the preferred candidate at the CARS Virtual AGM in January.
Social Media:  For those of you that are interested, RSO now has an Instagram account as well as a new Facebook page (aside from the Rally Sport Ontario discussion group).  Eric Vanderwal is managing the IG account and between him and myself we will be managing the FB account.  If you have any Club rally event announcements that you’d like him to promote through Instagram please let him know eric.thomas.vanderwal@gmail.com and if you have a picture to post with it that would be appreciated.
We will be keeping the Rally Sport Ontario discussion group on FB but have added the RSO Page to post official notices/announcements that can then be shared to the discussion group if necessary. The FB page has just recently been created, so there is currently no content.
RSO Secretary
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