Curtis is wrong (nothing new here) — One more St LAP event to go!

Okay, I’m an idiot.  So, mark September 17th on your calendar (if you already haven’t done so) as the real last night of St. Lapping.  Your editor regrets the confusion.

And, hey, we get mail!  From Eric Stewart in Ottawa comes this:

Re.:  St. LAP (love that name!) of the season. 

I had a wonderful time last night, and so did Chris.  You guys strike a good balance of grassroots hominess and safety-mindedness.  Lots of interesting people to socially-distant chat with!  Funny what Chris said afterwards.  He said that as a driver, you’re always busy managing the car at full track Shannonville and there’s really not a lot of time to watch the scenery. I hadn’t really thought about that, but it’s true.  It’s a challenging track and a jewel.  Sometimes we need to put down our shiny toy (Calabogie, I’m looking at you) to pick up other toys.  Shannonville is well worth the effort and the drive from Ottawa.

Thanks again for doing this.  I’m looking forward to the 17th of September.


Last Laps: St LAP’s penultimate evening of Lapping is Thursday, August 27

Hello S Lac members and lapping pass holders.   Firstly, please don’t forget we will be hosting the 4th St Lap evening this Thursday evening on the 27th..  As a reminder registration opens at 5 and the drivers meeting is at 5:15.   I was watching the sunset last night so the last session will be running at dusk.  As we will be on  the Long track again this week we will have ample room to combine both the street car groups and in turn extend the run times slightly in an effort to work with the shortened daylight.   If you are rusty on the long track layout please google an in car lap of the course to familiarize yourself if you haven’t run on it yet this year.  The weather may again be damp but as we have found over the previous nights the track dries very well if we are just experiencing showers so i hope this doesn’t deter  anyone.

Second,  just a couple of club related notes:   Roger Curtis is sadly stepping down from his role as treasurer as he is relocating from Kingston.  Rob and I are hoping we can convince Roger to maintain his role as webmaster from a distance as he has done a terrific job with the web page over the past several years including inserting his quirky sense of humour which always makes me laugh out loud. In the Interim Rob Metcalfe our esteemed President will be  taking over the finances-  this year has been very quiet in terms of expenses but missing out on the regional events has meant no income either so it’s a stalemate year in terms of revenue.
Fortunately we are still in decent shape despite the Covid clouds and our membership is robust with over 70 members which is nearly a 40% increase from last year.  With Rob retaking his old role as cheque signer I have asked  Dan Wilson to step into the President’s role.  Dan has been a longtime Varac member and Vintage racer with his beautiful yellow MGB and he is a fantastic spokesperson for St Lac.  His positive nature and enthusiasm for all  things car related make him a decisive choice from my point of view.  I know officially we should be meeting regularly and voting on his appointment but with Covid preventing us from doing we have unilaterally appointed him in his new role.  Once we can meet again as a proper club we can stick our hands in the air to make this official.
Lastly, as a participant at theSMP Cup two weeks ago I want to congratulate all the club members who attended and raced.  It was amazing to see so many members on track in a wide range of cars and classes.  Pat Cyr broke out of his GT3 class to move up to GT2 and drove very competently in the rain in his BMW-  it was great to see him do so well in his inaugural event.  Chris Evans, John  Kinnear, Ed Luce, Mark Buscher, Ian Crerar, Cameron Crerar and Emily Atkins were also in attendance and did St Lac proud.   I shot flames out the exhaust of the vette and scared my wife unnecessarily as it was a repeat of the flame show from our lapping night.  All and all it was a fun filled weekend had by all. Looking forward to seeing you all this week-  all the best danby.

Vintage auto racing August 14-16 at Shannonville and you can attend

I’ve got good news and bad news.  First the good.  There’s local racin’ to be had.


Car racing returns to Shannonville for the SMP Cup. The event features a variety of categories including vintage, classic, formula libre and GT Sprints and will feature CTCC presented by Pirelli.

Practice and qualifying will be held on Saturday with the first races scheduled for the afternoon. After a brief warmup on Sunday morning, the event continues with championship races for the full day.

A maximum of 100 spectators may attend. The cost for the event is $20.

For Covid guidelines, schedule and other information please visit Shannonville

And now the bad.  The Lowencash car will not be making an appearance.