St LAP July 16th, 2020

It’s official — St LAP is ‘sold out’!  Thanks to the amazing efforts of Danby there are no longer any remaining St LAP passes to be had for this year.  However, the field was small (no doubt owing to the threat of rain).  The worst was a sprinkle but that might have been enough to cause a couple of calamities on the course.  Roger (for the first time ever), his tow-truck and sidekick Eric, were called into action not once but twice last night.  Thankfully there wasn’t too much damage to complain about and we were all treated to a glowing display from Smaug.

Everyone got lots of seat time, Roger got little sleep and the evening was all-in-all rather nice.  See you at the track next time!

Just wanted to say Thank You once again for another fun night 
Thank you for the organization, layout and to all the volunteers/marshal’s for their work.
I also appreciate all the tips and hints on what needs to be done to the car, I have lots to do. But it will take me a bit to get use to the Pit Crew Chief and the comments on my excessive use of the brake lights!
Is there an additional cost for the extra entertainment that Danby provided or is it part of the package?
Thanks once again
– BC
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