St LAP Round 3 update — July 31st

We get mail!

Another good evening of lapping.
Thanks Danby, Roger and Dan for doing the work while I had all the fun.
It was great that Liam came and drove, he showed improvement each lap.
Sorry my batteries were dead and I ran out of gas. I’m just so needy, I’ll
try to do better next time.
Thanks to Brent for the cool mask with our new logo.
It was nice to see so many out again, it makes all Danby and Roger’s work
seem worthwhile.
Thanks again!
— RM

Editors note:  it’s all Danby.

It seemed like last night was the busiest yet but that might be because Shannonville is now permitted to allow family members to ride along as passengers.  And no one there seemed to mind the bit of rain we got on and off.  The night also saw a new car belonging to Eric d’P make an appearance.  Yes, the Racing Group had to make room for a charging ’81 Fiat X19 — at least when it managed to hit 100 kph!

Coolest car of the evening goes to Jordan S’s water and methanol injected Ɛ̃fini RX7.  Pictured here is an example of just such a car.


Hi Everybody,  just a quick reminder that we are back at SMP Thursday night.  We’ll be using the Pro track layout (video link below). Please note we are still using the Fabi paddock and registration will open at 5:00.  Passengers are now allowed so long as they are family members or wearing a mask.; but SMP is still requesting we place a high emphasis on social distancing and using their common sense Covid rules. Looking forward to a great turn out tomorrow  and seeing you all for round 3 of St Lap. We’ll be on track at 5:30 so please don’t be late.

Best regards,


St LAP July 16th, 2020

It’s official — St LAP is ‘sold out’!  Thanks to the amazing efforts of Danby there are no longer any remaining St LAP passes to be had for this year.  However, the field was small (no doubt owing to the threat of rain).  The worst was a sprinkle but that might have been enough to cause a couple of calamities on the course.  Roger (for the first time ever), his tow-truck and sidekick Eric, were called into action not once but twice last night.  Thankfully there wasn’t too much damage to complain about and we were all treated to a glowing display from Smaug.

Everyone got lots of seat time, Roger got little sleep and the evening was all-in-all rather nice.  See you at the track next time!

Just wanted to say Thank You once again for another fun night 
Thank you for the organization, layout and to all the volunteers/marshal’s for their work.
I also appreciate all the tips and hints on what needs to be done to the car, I have lots to do. But it will take me a bit to get use to the Pit Crew Chief and the comments on my excessive use of the brake lights!
Is there an additional cost for the extra entertainment that Danby provided or is it part of the package?
Thanks once again
– BC

Protect yourself & your passengers from Coronavirus

by Bob McJannett on

Is there Coronavirus in your car?

Here’s how you can protect yourself from COVID-19.

This year we have all learned the hard way that every time we sneeze or cough, we spray aerosols into the air. Some you can see, some are invisible to the naked eye, while some are small enough that they can float around in the air. Unfortunately, this isn’t happening ONLY when you cough or sneeze. You release aerosols all the time when you’re just talking and breathing normally.
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Track and Time presents Shannonville Lapping, July 26th 2020

Track and Time is an independent not-for-profit organization run by experienced car race enthusiasts for amateur racers. The highest safety standards are used for drivers, cars and tracks.  With this uncommon year presenting its share of restrictions the club decided to open a lapping group for Shannonville on Sunday, July 26 and you’re invited.

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