Brack Driving Concepts: the driving force in Eastern Ontario

Brack Driving Concepts is perhaps the longest running supporter of St LAC and are the folks to turn to should you wish to become a better driver on and off the track.  I, for one, profited immensely thanks to their instruction.

Brack Driving Concepts 2021 Program Outline

Scheduled Dates

Friday May 21st
Friday, July 2nd
Friday, August 6th
Friday, August 27th
Friday, September 24th
Friday, October 8th

Lunch is provided for all participants (guest lunches may be purchased on day of event).


High Performance Driving Programs
We offer a wide range of programs suited to a driver’s skills – $560.00 +HST
Discount Programs available

Racer Programs
As a sanctioned race school we have programs and bundles to suit any driver from license certification to race craft coaching.
Programs range from $560.00 to $595.00 and a special bundle for $928.00 (+HST)

Be sure to book early – Registration closes 7 days prior to each event.

Become the best driver you can be and experience the thrill in a safe and controlled environment. COVID 19 procedures in place. Visit for full details on our various programs.

But wait, you say you want to race but aren’t quite sure what kind of racing you’d like to do?  Well, wonder no more as Brack Driving Concepts is including event-specific training to get you on the right track.  Now you can get up to speed with:

•Wheel-to-wheel competitive racing (including ice racing)
•One-car-at-a-time/TimeAttack (timed sessions)
•Slalom racing/Autoslalom (parking lot venues)
•Go-kart racing

To find out more, simply click the link below:

I Want to Race

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