St LAP is go!

To quote the inimitable Scott Tracey:  ” Boys, I think we’re in business!”

Hi Everyone, so great news today as SMP is opening in June which means we’ll be able to host our first lapping evening scheduled for June 25th. We are also in the process of confirming a second evening event in July to make up for the loss of the May date scheduled next week. So the second tentative date will be the evening of July 16th and we should be able to confirm this soon. There are about half of the pre-registered lapping entrants that have already made their payments (thank you), for the remainder of you can you please confirm your interest in the events by making the payment via e transfer to my gmail account at using the word lappingpass ( no space) as the password. The total for the five nights is $260.00. We are expecting a bit of a rush to fill the remaining spaces so don’t dilly dally as there are only 36 spots and based on the pre-registrations there were only four spots left open. We’ll be opening the registration up again at the beginning of the month to non club members as its important we fill the roster.

I hope everyone has been keeping well. Please be aware we will be applying common sense and social distancing rules to the events. Its important we put our safety on track on par with our health safety in the paddock as it may be a little awkward logistically to host the events but we’ll send out some basic rules as a follow up email closer to the date in June. St Lac had planned to offer the use of club helmets but due to Covid restrictions these helmets will not be available for use so please ensure your supply your own. As a reminder they can be DOT or better from 2010 and up… so inexpensive helmets are allowed. Additionally we will not be able to provide in car ride along coaching to new drivers, however we don’t want this to be a deterrent and will ensure that any new track drivers needs are met. I would ask that everyone try and be on time for the first event as the registration forms, self tech forms and waivers may take a little longer to process than normal. So far Eastern Ontario has been let off lightly with viral cases but we want to ensure we comply with Shannoville’s rule set ( email to follow) and not to become a statistic ourselves.

Speaking for myself I have been procrastinating when it comes to cars but I’m glad i have a reason now to get off my butt and work on the race car. I hope the rest of you are looking forward as much as i am to clearing out the driving line cobwebs and i look forward to seeing you all soon – all the best DC


Shannonville update

Covid-19 – Cautiously opening on-track activities

Shannonville, ON, May 15, 2020 – We were fortunate to receive some positive news regarding the reopening of our facility. The Ontario government announced that our on-track activities could resume as early as Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

This announcement follows a concerted effort made by many Ontario track promoters to get our story heard at the highest levels within the Ontario government. As our activities are distinct within the tourism industry, joining our voices helped considerably. We are grateful to be part of the Ontario Motor Sports Promoters alliance, comprised of 37 facilities, during this unique situation.

“In this initial step for reopening, we will be using guidelines presented in our Back to the Track initiative to safely host track days or practice events with limited competitors and minimal staff, and gradually progress into racing. There will certainly be a new normal when our doors open, and we will be asking everyone to be cautious and respectful. Most of our COVID-19 safety precautions are in place but there are some additional landscaping and paving items to be completed before we open the track,” confirmed John Bondar, President of Shannonville Motorsport Park.

All participants will be required to follow safety guidelines regarding social distancing and proper health measures to limit or eliminate exposure to possible respiratory illness.

We will be updating our website regularly and add all the pertinent information relating to our facility. We anticipate that we will be operational by the beginning of June. Please watch for additional updates on our website and on our Facebook page.

John Bondar

Brack is back!

Brack Driving Concepts is happy to announce their return to Shannonville MSP this Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Become the best driver you can be and experience the thrill in a safe and controlled environment. COVID 19 procedures in place. Visit for full details on our various programs.