Social Distancing: the motorized method

This just in:

Yes, you too can put some much needed space between you and the miscreant who refuses to give you the required six feet during these troubled times.

If you’re looking for an awesome 3 Wheeled Scooter, this is definitely it. So why not start your own biker gang today?  Rev up yer engines and remember, the Boomerbeast allows just about anyone to enjoy the outdoors as it was meant to. The Boomerbeast gives you balanced speed and a certain ruggedness that will turn heads when you ride by. Create your own roads and don’t let anything stop you from going where you want. Put a little bit of excitement back in to your day to day and embrace what life has to offer with the Boomerbeast!

Only $3,500 USD.  Act fast!

‘Hey kid!  Where’s my six feet? I’m outta here!!!’








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