Ha, ha, ha!!! You’re doing what, when? Motorsport/track/race events within 300 miles of Kingston

3Fr-5Su Doublin Gap MX Park Doublin Gap MX Park
3Fr-5Su Race Services, Inc. Watkins Glen International
4Sa SCCA – New England Region – Solo Devens Airfield
4Sa SCCA – National – The Starting Line Devens Airfield
4Sa SCCA – Susquehanna Region Harrisburg Farm Show Elmerton Lot
5Su SCCA – New England Region – Solo Devens Airfield
5Su SCCA – Susquehanna Region Harrisburg Farm Show Elmerton Lot
9Th-10Fr SCCA – New England Region – Club Racing Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
10Fr PCA Jacob Javits Convention Center
10Fr NASA – Northeast Region Lime Rock Park (Main Track)
11Sa Doublin Gap MX Park Doublin Gap MX Park
12Su SCCA – Northern New Jersey Region – Solo MetLife Stadium
15We-16Th PCA – Northern New Jersey – Drivers Education Lime Rock Park
18Sa BMW CCA – White Mountain Chapter New Hampshire Motor Speedway
18Sa MAX BMW Motorsports Lime Rock Park
18Sa-19Su MassTuning Canaan Motor Club
18Sa-19Su SCCA – Northeastern Penna Region – Solo Lycoming Mall
19Su FCSCC FCSCC North Lot
19Su BMW CCA – Trillium Thornhill Community Centre
24Fr BMW CCA – White Mountain Chapter New Hampshire Motor Speedway
25Sa Mid-Atlantic TRSS Volunteers Oxford Valley Mall
26Su SCCA – Finger Lakes Region – Solo Xerox Webster
26Su SCCA – New England Region – Solo Devens Airfield
26Su SCCA – Philadelphia Region Warminster Community Park
28Tu Infinite Motorsports.ca Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

MAY1FrPenguin Roadracing SchoolNew Hampshire Motor Speedway1Fr-2SaVSCCALime Rock Park1Fr-3SuCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park1Fr-3SuXtreme XperienceOld Bridge Township Raceway Park1Fr-31SuCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park1Fr-31SuCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park2SaBMW CCA – Boston Chapter – Advanced Driving Skills SchoolLime Rock Park2SaSCCA – Finger Lakes Region – SoloSeneca Army Depot2SaPCA – Green MountainCapitol Plaza Hotel &Conference Cen2SaS2k TakeOverElGato Engineering2SaSports Car Driving Association-SCDAThompson Speedway Motorsports Park2Sa-3SuDoublin Gap MX ParkDoublin Gap MX Park2Sa-3SuLoudon Road Racing SeriesNew Hampshire Motor Speedway2Sa-4MoSCCA – New England Region – Club RacingWhiskey Hill Raceway – Palmer MA3SuPCA – Northern New Jersey – EventsMetLife Stadium3SuSCCA – Finger Lakes Region – SoloSeneca Army Depot4Mo-5TuApex Driving EventsWatkins Glen International8FrCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park8Fr-10SuRace Services, Inc.Watkins Glen International9SaBMW CCA – Connecticut Valley ChapterConsumer Reports Test Facility9SaDoublin Gap MX ParkDoublin Gap MX Park9SaPinnacle Advanced Driving AcademyToronto Motorsports Park (TMP)9SaSCCA – New England Region – SoloDevens Airfield10SuCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park10SuBMW CCA – Boston Chapter – AutocrossDevens Airfield10SuSCCA – Northern New Jersey Region – SoloMetLife Stadium11MoAccelerating ChangeMonticello Motor Club11Mo-12TuChin Track DaysWatkins Glen International12TuSports Car Driving Association-SCDALime Rock Park12TuSports Car Driving Association-SCDALime Rock Park14Th-16SaAudi Club NA – Northeast ChapterLime Rock Park15FrCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park15FrPenguin Roadracing SchoolNew Hampshire Motor Speedway15Fr-16SaS2k TakeOverNew York Safety Track (NYST)15Fr-16SaBMW CCA – Boston ChapterClub Motorsports15Fr-17SuPCA – Potomac, The Founders’ Region – DEWatkins Glen International16SaSCCA – Allegheny Highlands Region – AutocrossJimmy Stewart Airport16SaPCA – Connecticut Valley (CVR) – AutoXLAZ Lot – Hartford16SaTrack Time 4 CarsPocono Raceway16SaGlory Days Classic MotorsportHIGHLANDS Spring Thaw Historic Rall16Sa-17SuEMRA – Eastern Motor Racing Assoc.Palmer Motorsports Park16Sa-17SuLoudon Road Racing SeriesNew Hampshire Motor Speedway17SuPCA – North Country – AutocrossDevens Airfield17SuTire Rack Street Survival – Central New York SCCAAir Force Research Laboratory17SuFCSCCFCSCC BIG South Lot17SuTire Rack Street Survival – Finger Lakes Region SCCACMAC Performing Arts Center17SuHooked On Driving – NortheastPocono Raceway17SuMassTuningCanaan Motor Club17SuSCCA – Central Pennsylvania RegionCentre County Public Safety Center18MoCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park18MoAZP Track EventsNew York Safety Track (NYST)21ThSports Car Driving Association-SCDAPocono Raceway22FrCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park22Fr-24SuSCCA – New England Region – Club RacingNew Hampshire Motor Speedway23SaBMW Car Club of OttawaLuskville Dragway23SaSCCA – Northern New Jersey Region – SoloPocono Raceway23SaRaser MotorsportsToronto Motorsports Park24SuBMW CCA – New Jersey ChapterTD Bank Ballpark24SuSCCA – New England Region – SoloDevens Airfield24SuTire Rack Street Survival – Greater Toronto AreaCAA Centre – Brampton25MoFCSCCFCSCC BIG South Lot26TuPCA – AlleghenySaxonburg Hotel27We-28ThPCA – Metro New YorkWatkins Glen International28Th-31SuPCA – Zone 1Watkins Glen International29Fr-30SaVSCCALime Rock Park29Fr-30SaEmpire Drivers Inc.Lime Rock Park30SaSCCA – Finger Lakes Region – SoloXerox Webster30SaNew England Driving EnthusiastsClub Motorsports30SaSCCA – Western New York RegionSeneca Army Depot30Sa-31SuTrack Time 4 CarsPocono Raceway30Sa-31SuCOM Sports Car ClubPalmer Motorsports Park31SuBMW Car Club of OttawaBMW Car Club of Ottawa31SuBMW CCA – Boston Chapter – AutocrossDevens Airfield31SuSCCA – Finger Lakes Region – SoloSeneca Army Depot31SuSCCA – Western New York RegionSeneca Army Depot

JUNE1Mo-2TuBMW CCA – Boston ChapterWatkins Glen International1Mo-2TuAudi Club NA – Northeast ChapterWatkins Glen International1Mo-30TuCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park1Mo-30TuCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park3We-4ThDavid Murry Track DaysWatkins Glen International5Fr-6SaHooked On Driving – NortheastLime Rock Park5Fr-7SuBMW CCA – Genesee Valley ChapterWatkins Glen International5Fr-7SuBMW CCA – TrilliumCanadian Tire Motorsport Park5Fr-7SuXtreme XperienceNew Hampshire Motor Speedway6SaEvo Performance Driving SchoolSeneca Army Depot6SaPinnacle Advanced Driving AcademyToronto Motorsports Park (TMP)6Sa-7SuBMW CCA – Club Racing – Trillium ChapterCanadian Tire Motorsport Park6Sa-7SuDoublin Gap MX ParkDoublin Gap MX Park6Sa-7SuSCCA – Central Pennsylvania RegionMid-State Airport6Sa-8MoPCA – North Country – Rally & ShowIntervale Scenic Overlook7SuPCA – Northeast RegionDevens Airfield7SuEvo Performance Driving SchoolSeneca Army Depot8MoSports Car Driving Association-SCDAPalmer Motorsports Park- Clockwise8Mo-9TuPhoenix CMRWatkins Glen International11Th-13SaVintage Racer GroupThompson Speedway Motorsports Park11Th-13SaSCCA – New England Region – Club RacingLime Rock Park11Th-13SaVSCCAThompson Speedway Motorsports Park12FrCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park12FrInfinite Motorsports.caCanadian Tire Motorsport Park12Fr-14SuSCCA – Northeastern Penna Region – SoloPocono Raceway13SaAHRMAReynlow Park13SaPCA – Connecticut Valley (CVR) – AutoXLAZ Lot – Hartford13SaCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park13SaAudi Club NA – North Atlantic ChapterNorthwoods Brewing Company13SaNECC MotorsportsNew York Safety Track (NYST)13SaAHRMAReynlow Park13Sa-20SaAmerican MuscleMaple Grove Raceway14SuAHRMAReynlow Park14SuTrack Time 4 CarsPocono Raceway14SuCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park14SuMassTuningCanaan Motor Club14SuSCCA – New England Region – SoloDevens Airfield15MoAZP Track EventsNew York Safety Track (NYST)18ThHagertyLime Rock Park18Th-21SuVARAC CanadaCanadian Tire Motorsport Park19FrMAX BMW MotorsportsLime Rock Park19FrSCCA – National – The Starting LineSeneca Army Depot19Fr-21SuSCCA – National – National SoloSeneca Army Depot19Fr-21SuLoudon Road Racing SeriesNew Hampshire Motor Speedway20SaPCA – North Country – AutocrossDevens Airfield20SaKing Track DaysCanaan Motor Club20SaNew England Driving EnthusiastsPalmer Motorsports Park20SaBMW CCA – Patroon ChapterLime Rock Park20SaRaser MotorsportsCanadian Tire Motorsport Park20SaSCCA – New England Region – RallyCrossThe Blue Lot at Okemo21SuFCSCCFCSCC BIG South Lot22MoBMW Car Club of OttawaCalabogie Motorsports Park23Tu-24WeMAX BMW MotorsportsHunter Mountain24WeCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park25Th-26FrMAX BMW MotorsportsHunter Mountain27SaCalabogie MotorSports ParkCalabogie Motorsports Park27SaBMW CCA – New Jersey ChapterTD Bank Ballpark27SaMassTuningClub Motorsports27SaMid-Atlantic TRSS VolunteersMontgomery County Community College27SaSCCA – Western New York RegionSeneca Army Depot27Sa-28SuBMW CCA – Boston ChapterPalmer Motorsports Park28SuFCSCCFCSCC BIG South Lot28SuSCCA – Central Pennsylvania RegionMid-State Airport28SuSCCA – Western New York RegionSeneca Army Depot29MoSports Car Driving Association-SCDALime Rock Park29Mo-30TuCOM Sports Car ClubMont Tremblant30TuNew England Driving EnthusiastsClub Motorsports

JULY1We-2ThChin Track DaysWatkins Glen International3Fr-5SuPCA – Northern New Jersey – Drivers EducationLe Circuit Mont-Tremblant4SaRaser MotorsportsToronto Motorsports Park4SaAHRMAPavilion Motocross Park LLC5SuBMW CCA – Boston Chapter – AutocrossDevens Airfield5SuMassTuningPalmer Motorsports Park5SuAHRMAPavilion Motocross Park LLC5SuAHRMAPavilion Motocross Park LLC

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