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It is with great pleasure that St Lac can announce the creation of a new seasonal lapping pass at Shannonville Motorsport Park (SMP).  As many of you will know SMP is now under new ownership and is about to begin a rebirth of sorts.   St Lac is very proud to be part of that rebuilding process for 2020 at the grass roots level of Motorsports.

St Lac has confirmed a series of 5 nightly lapping events-  the dates are listed below.  The Club is selling a limited number of seasons passes –25 in total- for $260.00 per pass for all 5 events.   The “St Lap Pass” will be transferable between drivers, so for any reason if you cannot make all 5 evening sessions you can lend the pass to a family member, friend or fellow gear head so long as they bring an approved helmet and a safe car.   These passes are first come first serve so we need you to rsvp the club asap if you want to secure a seasons pass.  The lapping nights will be held on the Fabi circuit but provisions are in the works to move to the full track based on the response the club receives.
The evening agenda will be rain or shine and will commence with registration opening at 5:00 , a drivers meeting at 5:15, and on track sessions beginning at 5:30    The course will close at 8:30*.  Helmets will be mandatory and we are awaiting final confirmation from SMP on the certification but it will likely be DOT or better, and from a manufacturing date of 2010 onward.  There will be a self check technical declaration based on the Ontario Time attack guidelines less the safety harness  and helmet requirements as DOT helmets are OK to use (SFi and FIA are of course approved).  St Lac is also looking at providing a nightly BBQ –  more to come on that as we get closer to our first event in May.  So the dates are: May 28th, June 25th, July 30th, Aug 27th and Sept 10th*  So the last Thursday of the month with the exception of the September date which is shortened by one hour  based on the shorter day length.
Payment for the passes can be made by cash, cheque or by eTransfer to st.lac.club@gmail.com and will be due once the passes are issued in early March- more to follow on the email payment details.  Payments will be non -refundable: but can easily be handed off to a 3rd party.  The initial interest is very high for the new  St Lap Pass and a solid handful are already allocated so please don’t delay.   Run groups will be divided into race cars and road cars to start out  but we may move  faster street cars into the race  group to maintain an even flow on track.   Progress on the club CRX race car is moving along well and it will be available for members use-  lastly, please insure your club membership is up to date prior to requesting a lapping pass.  Memberships can be renewed via the link on the www.stlac.ca  website.   Please feel free to call me with any questions –  on behalf of the Executive all the best Danby -613 386 3851
Sign me up!
Great idea guys. I am so happy to see John B. open to ideas like this!! 
I just renewed my membership through the casc site. 
PS:   For those members who may be wondering if their is a less expensive or partial St LAP pass the answer is no.  However, because of the anticipated number of volunteers required to make this a success, why not sign-up to work half an evening and then lap for the remainder?  You can.  Details to follow.
A waiting list has been created.
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