Former St LAC president Gerhard Bonner passes away

The Bonner Family announces with great sadness the loss of their beloved father, Garry, in his 89th year, on December 8th, 2019.

He was the Pres. of St. Lac for a term or 2 , back in the 60’s and went rallying in a Corvair. Always a very outgoing, happy guy who enjoyed life. Sorry to see him go.

-John K

Yes,  many fond memories of him too.  He enjoyed life.  Ran a three Corvair team with him one year in a Queens Snow Ball Rally.  Can’t remember the 3rd driver -don’t think it was John Smith.

-Eric B

What a fabulous person he was and our neighbour while living on Lakeview.  Em loved him (Herr Bonner) and she was always welcome even when uninvited!

-Christine K

Garry was born in Vienna on July 2, 1931 and immigrated to Canada in August 1951. Garry worked passionately with the Austrian International Club, the Austrian Canadian Council, and the Kingston and District Folk Arts Council. Many may share memories of Garry through his affiliations with the Masonic Centre of Kingston and the Kingston District Shriners.
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