Dan Corcoran of Len Corcoran Excavating plays Santa at CaRX work party

A surprise visit from Dan Corcoran of Len Corcoran Excavating not only enriched our work party but our coffers as well.  On behalf of the company, Dan presented us with a donation of $500.  This will make it possible to continue our work on the Honda club car.  If you see Dan at the NASCAR xfinity or NASCAR Truck series please tell him thanks.  In the meantime, thanks, Dan!

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St LAC’s very own Ed Luce is the 2019 recipient of VARAC’s The Jim McGregor Spirit of Sportsmanship Award

VARAC president Ted Michalos presents Ed
Luce with the The Jim McGregor Spirit of
Sportsmanship Award…“Given annually to
the individual who in the opinion of the
racing members of VARAC best exemplifies
the spirit of and dedication to vintage
automobile racing in Canada.”
Ed; “My deep thanks to the racing members
of VARAC for giving me the Jim McGregor
Award this year. To see my name on an
award below the names of some of the very
founders of vintage racing in Canada,
people like Ollie Clubine and Phil Lamont,
along with the names of all of the other
previous winners of the ‘Spirit of Sportsmanship’ award is quite moving.
If I possess the spirit of and dedication to vintage automobile racing in
Canada it is, at least in part, due to the fine examples set by those
previous honourees and many of my other fellow competitors.”

Does Ed look familiar?  You’ve probably met him and his wife at the Registration Desk for our AutoSlalom Regional events held annually at Picton Airfield.  We couldn’t do it without you two!

Former St LAC president Gerhard Bonner passes away

The Bonner Family announces with great sadness the loss of their beloved father, Garry, in his 89th year, on December 8th, 2019.

He was the Pres. of St. Lac for a term or 2 , back in the 60’s and went rallying in a Corvair. Always a very outgoing, happy guy who enjoyed life. Sorry to see him go.

-John K

Yes,  many fond memories of him too.  He enjoyed life.  Ran a three Corvair team with him one year in a Queens Snow Ball Rally.  Can’t remember the 3rd driver -don’t think it was John Smith.

-Eric B

What a fabulous person he was and our neighbour while living on Lakeview.  Em loved him (Herr Bonner) and she was always welcome even when uninvited!

-Christine K

Garry was born in Vienna on July 2, 1931 and immigrated to Canada in August 1951. Garry worked passionately with the Austrian International Club, the Austrian Canadian Council, and the Kingston and District Folk Arts Council. Many may share memories of Garry through his affiliations with the Masonic Centre of Kingston and the Kingston District Shriners.
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“If I’m someone who wants to do harm to [North] America, I forget about the electric grid, I forget about the elections system — I go to your car.”

“If I’m someone who wants to do harm to America, I forget about the electric grid, I forget about the elections system — I go to your car.” said the author of a recent report on hacking the always-on internet connection found in new cars .

The three top-selling car makers in the U.S. — GM, Toyota and Ford — will only sell internet-connected cars by the end of this year.

According to an insider, “Security in the software is no better in the cars than it is in the cellphones.”

You can read more at Kill Switch.


Race CaRX repair date is Friday, December 15th, 1-4 pm

You may not have those new tools from Santa yet but your old ones will do nicely.  Heck, just bring yourself!  Things will get underway at the home of Danby Crowder at 1pm and be over at 4.  We need helpers of all types.  So, whether you want to work on metal prep, transmission repairs, a steering rack or just want to sit by the fire we’d love to have you.  Who knows, maybe the efforts and the fire just might inspire you.

Burn, baby, burn!


It was the ‘Day of the Dans’ as Danny Wilson, Danby and special guest Dan Corcoran pooled their efforts to poke and prod the CRX.  Oh yeah, I was there too.  Much was accomplished as we removed a number of cross-members, dismantled the transmission and steering rack along with the front steering components.  We pressed, peened and pooled our talent and all there had a good day.  Worry not, folks.  There’s more where this came from.