Updated: Ferrari vs. Ford: An in-depth review

Recently, members of St LAC got together for a viewing.  Afterwards, we hurried to the nearest pub to discuss the finer points of the film — obviously moving beyond the usual plot analysis.  Such is the stuff of St LACians.  The verdict?  Read on.

“Sheesh, IMAX is loud!”  “What?”  “I think he said he and max were allowed.”
“It should have been called ‘Tucker:  the next generation'”
“I had decided if my date didn’t like the movie, chances are good there won’t be a second date.”
“Boy, I hope there’s a sequel!”
“When I grow up I wanna find a girl just like Mrs. Miles”  (followed by much murmuring, nodding of heads in agreement and far-away looks in some eyes).

This picture has been censored to protect the guilty.

Just for your info,
for those who went to see FORD vs Ferrari, there is a great documentary on
the Ford – Ferrari battle called “The 24 hour war” on NETFLIX.

The documentary gives quite a great deal of information from people
involved in the Ford racing program as viewed by the  people who were
connected to the program.

Interestingly Eric Broadley (past owner of LOLA Racing Cars) is not
mentonned and neither is Roy Lunn credited in some circles as the “the
godfather of the Ford GT40” in the documentary!

Regards… eric

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