This is why one joins an auto club :)

Take a trip into the past and the names of Luck and Green might come to mind.  While the former was a member (and founder) of St LAC, the two later combined efforts to create what is now known as CASC.  And it was the son of Mr. Green who contacted our club seeking help in securing a parts list and additional how-to information to assist with the reconstruction of a Weber carb for his custom Porsche 356.

After securing the help he needed this former sponsor told me that our efforts went a long way to assuaging the worn-down and frazzled feelings of someone who paid $18,000 US to have a motor brought back to life only to find that something wasn’t right.  He now knows what a venturi is and how to replace it in the aforementioned carburetor.  Ain’t club-life grand?!

Self-portrait:  Eric Green

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