‘RX renew round two

Despite the heat, your faithful executive found time to continue the needed bushing work on our race car Tuesday past.  Efforts to straighten the rocker panels and reinforce one of the jacking points also went well.

If you would like to get in on the action worry not; there’s lots more to do.  Here we are under the watchful eye of Danby Crowder.

We met, we worked, we made progress

So it’s out with the old and in with the new on our club race car.  New bushings that is.  It was indeed a struggle but progress was made as we removed the rear suspension and began the arduous journey of replacing the bushings. This involved much cutting, heating, pounding and the help that only a 20 ton press could offer.  As a result, the CRX si race car should be able to handle anew.

It was a long day of stress and strain but we’re moving ahead and the tea made it all worthwhile.  A tip of the hat goes to Prof (ret) Dr Mrs Crowder for the Orange Pekoe.  Next effort will be this Tuesday.

They’re back! Union Autofest ’19 is now accepting registration

It’s official The Union Autofest – Year Four is locked in for September 7th, 2019 and we can’t wait for another amazing year with all of you! Big thank you again to Braille Battery Canada for being the principle sponsor yet again and providing us with an amazing venue as always to hold the event.

We have TONS of updates and news coming your way in the next few weeks and we hope that everyone is excited to make this year bigger than the last! Make sure to get over to the webSee More

Source: Union AutoFest (Facebook)